A Blue-Eyed Angels

Author: Ginger, the crazy Dark Rabbit of Chaos =^.^= Gingeryaoi@yahoo.fr

Rating: R

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This is a one-shot fic… huh I think a one-shot but if you want this fic continue… So for now this is a one-shot who I wrote in English… I don't sleep anytime ^^

I'm sorry for all the grammatical, syntax and another error but I'm French and I need to improve my sooo badly English ^__^ But I understand more than I Write It's happy^^ how can I read fic otherwise? ^___^v


A blue-eyed Angel kills me...

I walked in a Street when I see him.

A beautiful blonde-haired boy looked like a fragile doll, looked like a personification of Beauty

So distant, so alone, looked like if he expected someone... so beautiful... Like a Angel who just fall here, in this shameful place

At first glance he kills me. Me the cold heartless who never love and never be loved. He wanted my heart, and I give him. I give him my frozen heart for a smile, a so shiny smile, a so cutie smile, a shiny cutie smile who broke my ice-cold armour

He wanted my heart and take this one with a smile. So beautiful, so sweet, so him... He enjoyed my life

I give him my frozen heart, give him my life, everything he wanted, he desire, he hope I gave him. I wanted, just wanted, just desire stay my life with him, just spend all my so bring life with him.

I was cold, emotionless but he was the one can broke my armor, I wanted him unfroze me.

I wanted him...

I walked into him when someone push me and run into him, hug him. He smiled...

I can't bear it. How can he smile for someone else? How does he can smile back to the person who push me away?


I kill him...

He broke my heart so i broke his so perfect body, he takes my heart, I take his life.

Just before he died, I see his so wonderful big blue-eyes who seemed asked me: Why? How... How can he just ask this? No... No he can't... not after all he do to me! I can't stand it! I can't I can't I can't... I can't!


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