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Ending one:

Whining she nuzzled him, his body was still his heart wasn't beating, no breathing, no sign of life. Tomi didn't accept his death, she couldn't think it ended so suddenly. Begging and pleading with him to get up in little distressed whimpers Tomi nudged him again. He was alive and well this afternoon when they split up to find out what was happening. Alive, well and laughing.

Seth had waited just for that, to separate them, to catch Tommy. To shoot him, cheating using illegal silver and a human weapon. Raising her head she howled mournfully, all her grief and pain echoed through the night. A wolfs howl can carry for miles, and anyone who heard that sound felt unrelenting sorrow and could not understand why. All the dogs whimpered and hid wherever they could, somewhere in her house Mavis cried pitifully.

Tomi stopped only when she dropped to the ground with a pained sound. The state her body was in meant nothing, the pain was non existent, blissfully darkness took her, to where she hoped Tommy was. (Look! Look! –points- action, our story finally has some! And blood, musn't forget the blood. And I like that he dies before she even get to him, no last words, no second chances… mawhahahaha! I may expand this bit later, once you've gone over it.)

Wolf-kind could heal from even the most extreme injuries provided they didn't die before they could start to heal, and only wounds from some fights scar. Tomi knelt on the grass in front of a tombstone of black marble, carved with wolves running along the bottom under a full moon, the top of the stone was crowned by two wolves together so well done that they could almost come to life.

The only words were in the ancient language of the wolf, and Tomi couldn't read them. All around her were tombstones, they belonged to all the members of the Hunters pack. Tomi had designed this newest one, with her name already added to it. Their own private graveyard that no human would ever find.

Mavis whined at her side, a massive puppy even at 6 months old, intelligent as he was for a dog he couldn't understand Tomi's sorrow. He knew she hurt, but couldn't stop it. Quite suddenly he was growling, fur standing on end. Three figures came out of the trees around her, walking in utter silence. They all dressed in black, two men and a woman, one wolf-kind, one cat and one bear, three members of the council finally come to see what happened to her. Tomi didn't even look up at them. "You are not welcome here." She rested a hand on Mavis' back.

"We came to see that you were alright Natomie." The woman was cat-kind and her scent only reminded her of Seth, it brought anger to her voice.

"You don't give a shit about my fate." Quite suddenly she found herself yelling at them all. "You weren't here when I woke up and should have been dead. You did nothing when I had to clean this mess up. I had to burn the bodies, clean the blood, tip-toe around the town convincing people that they had tried to kill an innocent when I all wanted to do was watch them all suffer and die. You weren't here for the funeral that I had to plan for the one person I loved. You weren't here to offer anything when I miscarried, to help stop it from happening. And don't claim you didn't know, you did. This nightmare made national news."

"You had things under control, it would have been complicated to bring someone new into the situation. We covered things on a federal level. If we had known you were pregnant we would have found a healer for you." The wolf watched her and Tomi looked up at him, his eyes were amber, similar to Tommy's, so similar it made her want to cry.

"Well you didn't, because you didn't bother to check what state I was in." Tomi's voice was icy. "As I proved I can take care of myself so why show up now. What do you want?"

Sighing the wolf glanced at the woods. "There is still enough room here for a pack. We want to settle one here if you're-"

"I'm not." She snapped harshly. "This is my territory because it was his. Unless you plan to kill me?" Tomi half hoped they would, she'd still fight them, but these three weren't Seth, they were elders and experienced. No matter how she fought, she would loose.

"No, we won't kill you for it. You are the last in the Hunters line, this land was granted to you and will be left with you until your death." The woman's softly spoken words were a disappointment. "We're going to leave them here and it's your choice what to do with them, but I think they'll help you."

All three of them were gone before Tomi could respond, vanishing quietly into the night. So they wouldn't kill her themselves but leave other to do it. Not for the first time she cried, as if it would help heal the sorrow and pain, it didn't, nothing did. The howl of a grief stricken wolf haunted the area, every human in Huntersfield dreamt of it, on a deeper level knew they caused it. It was that nightly howl, that nightly reminder of the pain that drove so many of them to suicide. The last six months had produced more local deaths than anytime in the last 20 years. No one was happy in Huntersfield. Paranormal experts and psychologists couldn't make heads or tails of it. But Tomi knew, the council knew, and the people of the town knew. None of them would talk, ever.

Left alone Tomi cried until it hurt, until her throat was raw and her chest ached. All the while Mavis watched her with sad eyes. It was only a matter of time until she died. Tomi decided people couldn't live in this much pain, everything was starting to fade to a dull numbness. The only thing she wanted was to die here on the lush grass, to eventually fade back into the earth.

A faint lonely sound had her look up listlessly, from the bush golden eyes watched her. A little wolf, caught between his human and wolf form covered in soft fluffy fur and skin, at most 6years old. In his arms a baby girl not yet a year old, how he glared at Tomi, as if in challenge.

She didn't want this, wasn't sure she could deal with this. After several minutes of mutual staring Tomi sighed and relented walking over to the kids. Carefully she picked up the basket they were left in, like abandoned puppies in a dark alley and took them to the house. The little half wolf growled at her, seemed to consider biting. In spite of that she couldn't leave them, and she desperately didn't want them.

No, she wouldn't leave them, the council knew that. Planned for that. It made her wish she could turn away, let them die here. It wasn't in her, even with the sorrow and loss, it wasn't her. They could have this place when they grew. Yes, she could leave them here, brother and sister to form a pack of their own. Tommy's family name could live on, then she would join Tommy. Then she would be free of this pain, someday.

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