Isaiah and the Stars

Isaiah never knew the complete blackness- never
the thin-foil boundary of our own pentangle shield.
he could not refract his prophet eye,
through the meniscus glass trained towards
the birthplace of all danger and all

but Isaiah may have understood

the brave nature of man living
beneath the stars. in constant submission.
that is loving God, that is sleeping
in a desert, that is

going off on a long trip, wearing the thinnest of robes,
wearing something that crumbles

like paper. and the prophets lead way,
the brave journeys. they stand by the water
and count stars, and say "see the sky
is the one who mourns death. it sends down lights,

and the lights go to the desert, where the people
sleep fitfully. where every death is more death
from the wide sky."

Isaiah knew much about the
nature of the heavens. about how
we are born kneeling, and we may
die, standing among the first blackness
that is our light