Dream Wind
By Hikari

A soft wind blows in the darkness of night; you're standing there all alone and afraid. The moon is shining above you with its reflection in the ice-cold lake at your feet. You look up in time to see someone flying among the stars. That someone turns toward the palace that you are standing near, and flies straight toward you as a deep mist flows. The closer she gets to you the harder your heart pounds. Soon you are able to make out a clear image of her.

Her hair is long and flying free in the wind. Its color is a light blue but with dark highlights. Her eyes are filled with sorrow and anger as they shimmer in the darkness. She wears a long red dress that is made of silk that flutters in her flight. Large white wings are attached to her back that caress the wind. Long white gloves cling onto her arms and tall black leather boots on her feet. A strange pendant around her neck catches your eye as it glows an intense violet. You feel like you're being pulled toward her. Her eyes widen in fear as she stops suddenly. That's when you realize that she sees you. You turn to run but can't. There she stands right next to you in total silence. The wings on her back move strangely as if they were alive. She just stands there, staring right through you as if she were blind. Then she opens her mouth and begins to sing. You hear a bold and beautiful voice singing a song in your language. Your heart lifts up as you listen. Filled with emotion you remember the past and the present. She just keeps singing as she watches you curiously. Finally, you're not afraid. You yearn for her trust. Yet still, she sings her lovely song in the night.

"Alone inside the night,
Searching for the light, calling out for you,
Until the day when you appear,
I'll be waiting right here, singing this song.
Even if you're gone, my love will still live on.
Till the days of the spring fawn, and the eternity beyond.
Shadows of the night, and the moment that's right,
Reminds me of our paths, crossing repeatedly.
When the dawn turns to dusk, the time can't be rushed,
I'll come again and sing for you, your siren of the moon.
Until we meet again, my song will never end,
Coming with the wind into the land of dreams."

She smiles sadly and that's when you realize that she's not human. As the wind blows her hair, it reveals a pair of long pointed ears one on each side of her head. She is an elf, you say in your mind. Calmly she smiles and within a flash, you disappear. She turns away as the wind blows softly. She grabs her pendant and whispers, "An outsider has come again to the palace, perhaps they can help me."

Chapter 1 Vitality of Knowledge

"Princess Elora!" shouts a young, blonde elf maiden.
The blue haired elf princess turns away from the lake to look at her friend.
"Elora you came outside at night again?" the blonde elf asks furiously.
"Yes, Filina, I had to come here, I saw a human," Elora says as she looks at the lush green grass at her feet.
Filina looks into Elora's eyes.
"You'll never learn will you? The humans wander to our lands in their dreams. They don't even know that this is reality. Our world is only an illusion to those people. You're better off not communicating with them, you never know what might happen if you got them to believe in our existence." Elora turns away from Filina and turns toward the moon, shining like a diamond in the midnight sky.
"I wish the dream wind would take me somewhere far away," Elora says as she gazes at the moon. Filina sighs and heads for the palace doors.

Soon after Filina left, Elora notices that she is alone again. The wind blows softly as Elora's pendant turns to its intense shade of violet. A human has come here Elora thinks to herself. Desperately searching for a place to run to, Elora's eyes dart to the Imperial Garden. The Imperial Garden is filled with twists and turns and is so big that anyone could get lost in it, especially at night. Elora decides to head for the garden in hopes that she'd meet up with the knight she had fallen in love with. Elora remembers the long days and nights she'd spent in the Imperial Garden with her lover Falcon. The sweet fragrance of lilacs and the elegant fountain that looks like a mythical creature are fresh in her mind. Elora spreads her wings and leaps into the air. The wind blows hard like an older sibling trying to push around the younger, but still Elora smiles. The wind settles itself and guides her wings to the safe haven of the Imperial Garden. Elora's heart trembles with excitement as she enters the paradise.
Her footsteps echo through the garden as she walks. The garden is filled with every flower known to elves and each flower is placed so it won't take the beauty from the others.
Elora feels drawn to the garden. As she steps into a chamber filled with roses, she sniffs the rose and immediately is filled with tranquility. The memory of the day when Falcon left to fight the Mala Tyrant flows into her mind. She had been younger and ignorant back then. "If only I would have known that Falcon wouldn't come back," Elora wishes in deep sorrow. Elora looks to the ground and lets the tears fall.

After Elora has spent many hours crying over the disappearance of her fiancé, she hears a sound of hard breathing. Elora looks up; her face is all red from crying and tearstained. A tall soldier stands over her gazing at her in bewilderment. Elora, frightened and lonely, backs away from the soldier.
"Who are you?" Elora cries out. The soldier places his hand on her shoulder in a way that amazes her. "Falcon?" Elora asks as she looks into the eyes of the masked soldier.
"I heard the voice of my siren and I followed it here," the soldier says calmly.
"Falcon, it's you! I've waited so long to hear your voice. There's so much I want to tell and ask you," Elora says excitedly. Elora notices his sorrow. "What's wrong Falcon?" she asks worriedly. Falcon looks into her eyes and Elora instantly knows something terrible had happened. Falcon takes off his mask and reveals a deep scar on his face. Elora reaches her hand out to touch it.

"Don't," Falcon says as he grabs her hand. Elora looks up at his face with eyes filled with tears. Falcon's scar looks incredibly painful. It is a deep crimson shade, shaped in the form of an oval, and runs diagonal from his left eyebrow to the top of his lip. Falcon breathes hard as he holds Elora's hand tightly.

"Is this why you hadn't returned with the other soldiers?" Elora asks patiently. Falcon nods his head and looks straight into her soul.
"You don't have to tell me what happened. All I care about is that you are here with me now," Elora says happily as she smiles at Falcon. "We can be married now, and finally my heart will be at peace," Elora whispers so only Falcon could hear.

Falcon blushes and pulls out his pendant that has a falcon's claw on it. Elora's eyes widen as she sees the glowing claw.
"Humans are in the garden," Falcon whispers.

Elora looks up at her handsome fiancé. His short dark hair dances in the wind, his eyes look at her filled with hope, and she realizes that she doesn't care if a human sees them together, or anyone for that matter.
"When I'm in trouble my knight will always protect me, right?" Elora asks as her blue hair dances in the wind.
"That's right and he'll be with you always I promise," Falcon says as he gazes into her eyes and suddenly realizes that he doesn't care if anyone sees them together. Falcon places his arms around his princess. Elora feels her eyes fill with tears as she feels his warm touch. The wind blows mystically around them creating a surreal atmosphere. Elora leans her head on his shoulder and cries tears of happiness. Falcon hugs her close to his body as he wishes that all time would stop so they'd be like this forever.

Off in the distance a relentless and fearless monster stares into the Imperial Garden laughing at the couple. The monster turns and whispers in anger,
"Too bad your fate won't be very happy, Falcon. Your beloved princess will be married to another and you will spend the rest of your life suffering. You will be hurt even more when your siren slaughters you." The monster continues to laugh that sinister laugh as the shadows of the night begin to darken. The wind blows a cruel, cold, hurting breeze.