Chapter 5 Fight of Dignity

"Surrender the Princess and you won't get hurt!" shouts an arrogant army general. Falcon glares down at the army that stands several feet below.
"Never shall I surrender the Princess Elora!" Falcon shouts furiously as he raises his sword.
"Then, you shall die a painful death because of your resistance," shouts a soldier confidently. Within a flash, soldiers begin to attack the palace tower. Suddenly, a commanding officer shouts a command.
"Stop you fools! You are endangering the Princess! Allow me to annihilate the man who resists King Felix's orders!" the commanding officer reasons. Silently, the soldiers agree. The officer glances at two other officers, as if asking for their help. The other officers raise their weapons and race to the vines growing on the tower.
"We shall take you down fools! Your resistance is futile!" the officer screams as he climbs. Falcon glances at Filina.
"You protect Elora and the human!" Falcon orders. Filina tries to protest.
"Please? For Elora?" Falcon asks as he watches the soldiers below. Filina nods.
"I'll help you fight," You volunteer. Falcon looks at you in surprise.
"I see that you'll lay your life down for us, even though we've only just met. I guess I'll always admire you for that," Falcon says. You nod as you put up your fists in preparation for the upcoming fight.

Finally, the soldiers manage to climb up the vines. Now they stand in front of our heroes ready to fight to the death.
"Die! For all the pain that you've caused," one of the officers shouts as he raises his sword. Then, the officer dashes into Falcon and desperately tries to stab him. Fortunately, Falcon raises his sword and manages to block the attack.
"You're good," grunts the officer as he backs away from Falcon. Falcon smirks.
"Leave us! Retreat now! I command you!" Falcon shouts.
"And who are you to be commanding us?" asks one of the officers. Falcon smirks again.
"I am Falcon Elflore!" Falcon replies. The officers laugh heartlessly.
"Sir Falcon is dead! He has been dead for so long." The officers shout out between laughs. Falcon glares at them.
"Fine! Don't believe me, but I can assure you that you'll regret it," Falcon whispers. Another officer raises his dagger and dashes toward you. You realize that the officer is planning to attack. You are mesmerized at the thought of this officer killing you. You close your eyes in fear. Suddenly, you open your eyes and see Falcon standing before you blocking the attack. You let out a sigh of relief. Then, you turn to be face to face with another attacker. However the attacker just looks at you and laughs. He doesn't appear to have any interest in killing you, but you can't be sure.
The attacker glances at the preoccupied Falcon and darts toward him.
"Falcon!" Elora screams in sorrow. Elora tries to pull herself away form Filina, but fails in the process. You run to save Falcon without really thinking it over. Suddenly, you are standing in front of him as the blade begins to strike. Within a split second, you are laying on the ground with your side drenched in blood. Pain screams through your body, as you lay there motionless. Elora, Filina, Falcon, and the officers run to where you are laying.
"You are Sir Falcon?" one of the officers asks as he glances at Falcon. Falcon nods as he reaches down to touch your wound. You begin to flinch as his hand touches your side. Elora begins to cry as she looks down upon you.
"So I ended up giving my life for you?" You ask as you clutch your side. Filina shook her head to try to hold back the tears.
"Don't say that. You'll live," Falcon says hopefully. The officers turn toward Falcon.
"You have to be Sir Falcon! Oh please forgive us for attacking you!" the officers plead.
"You didn't know," Falcon replies as he lifts your body up from the ground. Elora hugs Falcon as she cries tears of sorrow.
"Don't worry. This is not the end," Falcon whispers to Elora as the wind blows a comforting breeze.

An odd ringing echoes in your ears. What's that noise? You think as you open your eyes. Instead of the gardens in the Elf palace, you see the friendliness of your own bedroom. A digital alarm clock sits on the bedside table making the ringing sound. You reach to turn off the alarm clock. When the ringing comes to a stop, a thought crosses your mind.
"So it was just a dream?" You ask yourself aloud.
"Yes, it was a dream," You reply. But, then another thought crosses your mind. This meant that Elora, Falcon, Filina, Magnus, Mikoto, the Cockatrice Clan, the Elf soldiers, and your wound weren't real. You carefully touch the side where you had been stabbed. When you look down at your hand and your wound, you see blood. For a few minutes, you just sit there horrified. It was real. You tell yourself.
"No it can't be real! It was just a dream! Or was it?"