Down the Road

In a far away place
A beautiful young lady sits
Playing a harp
And gazing out a window

Wondering what life is in the outside world
Down the road
Over a hill
And far away from her castle

Are the people happy?
Do they look forward to each day?
Do they have a beautiful home?
And eat luscious meals?

Down that road
And over that hill
Sits a young girl
Just as gorgeous as the last

But she sits on a dirt road
All alone with no home
Begging for some change

She wonders what life is like
Over the hill
And down the road
In the faraway castle

Does the princess feel lonely?
Does she dread each day?
Is she cold at night?
Does she go hungry?

At the same moment
Both girls sigh
For they shall never know what life is like
Down the road
And over the hill