She stood alone, atop the cliff
Arms outstretched
Head held high
Forsaken by those she thought she trusted
Those she now knew were nothing
To the greatness of the world
The vastness, the waste
None could imagine
The sea broke on the rocks below
The salty wind blew hard across her face
It was all she knew
All she would ever know again
She stood alone
At the head of the world
The lands behind, the sea before
And knew it was right
Indeed, it was all that would ever be
Ever again
She knew the sea, she knew the wind
She knew all any ever need know
All that mattered, if it did
In the end
She had known what they did, once
But it was not right
It was not good
They knew nothing
She knew truth
The truth they thought of as lies
Now she laughed, reveling in lies
Knowing the sea, the wind
Knowing the truth
Hearing the waves
Feeling the breeze
Laughing at her approaching fate
And content
She dropped her arms, and stood
And knowing
Then she jumped
Kept her truth
Let them keep their nothing
Divine their truth from lies
They would never know
She would never tell
She couldn't
She fell, knowing the wind
Feeling the sea
One last time
Then she knew no more truth
No more lies
No more hate
She knew nothing
They knew nothing
The world paid no heed
And went on