Walking through dreamland...

In the dead of night

I'm not asleep

I'm not awake

Dragging myself through dreamland...

I'm not me

But I am

In the wonderland of my mind

I wander through

I'm not the ruler

But yet I am,

Fear me

Fear you

Is this all real?

No it is...

Yes it's not...

Play the game

Find it quick!

Run away!

Get help!

I'd like to know where I'm going

I'd be nice

But who cares?

I'm running through dreamland

My wonderland

Here I am!

I'm the Raven Alice!

Come find me!

I'll find you!

Tup, tup! I can hear you behind me

A killer's after me now...

It rains,

It shines

Nothing ordinary

Never going to be ordinary

Because here I am in wonderland

My dreamland

Not my kingdom

But yet it is!

Senses burning

It's not over yet

My dreamland's never going to let me rest


Sing my song...

Just so tired when I get up

-Zara the Pirate