A Sea of Souls

We are all souls on the sea of love.
But some are called twin fires.
With such a vast ocean of souls these twin fires may never meet.
But when they do it creates a love unseen in this world.

Chapter 1

Scotland, 1105

Lady Kirsty crept quietly through the halls of Blackmoor castle. As she made her way to her destination, Kirsty's thoughts drifted back to her father's study and the day's events that caused her to take such drastic action at this late hour.
"Kirsty what in God's name were you thinking?" Laird McBrennon asked angrily, shaking the obviously forged letter in his hand.
She regretted signing his name to a letter of love and pleading meant for her mother. For even now she could see the mirror image of pain that reflected from his heart. "I was but doing what you will not. You love mother and she you. So why will you not write to her asking for her return?"
"We have been through this before Kirsty, I dinna want to discuss it again." He suddenly turned to storm from the study but was halted by the sadness in his daughter's eyes.
"Lass, you know all you need to know. We both love you but…"
Twas the same story she had heard before. It had been 5 years since she last saw her beloved mother, although no answers were given to why her father sent her mother back to England, she was bound and even more determined to reunite them.
"…so I will hear no more of this or any other wild plan of yours.." He once again turned to leave but gazed at her thoughtfully before speaking.
"Swear to me Kirsty, that you will not forge my name to any more letters, nor sent messengers to fetch your mother."
Surprised, Kirsty looked into her father's eye and smiled sweetly before answering. "I promise poppa no more letters or messengers."
He eyed her suspiciously, wondering at her sincerity. For the last 3 years she begged for answers he was not prepared to give, finally resorting to wild ideas of how to get her mother to return. He shook his head as he remembered some of her failed attempts then nodded at her gruffly before leaving his daughter to her thoughts.
She quickened her pace along the darkened hallway until she came upon her maid's chamber door. Entering as quietly as possible, she closed it behind her and lit the candle on the nearby table.
Walking to the small sleeping form, she prayed her maid would agree to help. Surly as her mother's maid and oldest friend she would not refuse. She sat softly on the bed and gently shook the kindly woman, "Millie" she spoke quietly, "Tis Kristy, please wake up."
Startled at such a late visit, Millie immediately sat up and gazed at her young mistress. "Mi' Lady, what is it? Has something happened?"
"Tis nothing like that. I need you to pack quickly, our ship sails in a few hours."
Millie's thoughts raced to what ship she may be speaking of and wondered what the young lass was planning this time.
"Oh child you promised your father no more shenanigans, so what are you up to now?"
"He refuses me again and again so I will sail to England and bring my mother home where she belongs." she said defiantly. After all she only promised not to send any more letters or messengers, she made no such promise of herself not going. Her father always told her that a good plan of attack was to have another plan to fall back on and this was hers with the forged letter gone.
For 2 years she horded every coin and valuable she could, finally she had more than enough to get passage for two on a ship bound for England.
Millie saw a look of pure determination on Kirsty's face. As far as the lass knew her parents were so in love that whatever was wrong could be resolved somehow, but to sail to England. Surly she knew the dangers involved in such a journey. Millie pondered that perhaps without an escort, Kirsty would come to her senses and change her mind.
Kristy glanced at her long time maid and saw the questions on her face. "Being an unmarried maid of 10 score and 7, twould not be ideal to go alone, but I will do it if I must" she said as if sensing the question.
"Child, there are many dangers in such a long journey. Passengers that chose sea over land face many perils such as pirates and sea-storms. Many a good soul has been lost from sickness alone. It would break your father's heart to lose you as well."
"Please Millie this must be done for poppa's own good, even now his health fails him. He misses her so much but will not bend even a little to ask her back." she pleaded.
Wringing her hands she replied "you ask too much but seeing that you be as stubborn as your father, I see no other choice but to go along to keep you safe."
Kirsty hugged her longtime maid tightly, "oh thank you. You'll see all will go well. Mother will return and poppa will be happy again."
Sadly her maid replied "Kirsty you mustn't get your hopes too high and you'd best pray we have an uneventful trip." as she glanced at the beautiful woman sitting on her bed.
"Oh posh, you should not worry so. Come we must be packed quickly. Meet me in the barn in a few minutes and we'll depart " with that said she tiptoed out of the room excitedly.
"Ah saints above keep the lass safe," murmured her maid as she set off to pack.