Hello Father

Hello Father

Hello father, it's me again,

The child you left for dead

To wither in lost hopes and dreams,

Whirling through my tired head.

You'd never recognize me now,

With hair so short and bold,

And eyes that lash the fire of

My personality, I've been told.

Okay, so maybe not dead, but,

Left without a man for me,

Except for my little brother,

He's all the man I see.

I'll not forget the lashing belt,

And words the stung and tore,

Engraved fresh in my memory,

For true life ever more.

Father, where'd the old love go?

Why aren't we family?

You wouldn't have to live near,

But you could keep in touch with me.

So goodbye, Father, no more again,

Will your name enter my mind.

Your closed heart will never know,

How my mine own has pined.