My Town

My Town

This town I live in really sucks,

there's no one living here but ducks.

There's no mall and there's no arcade,

Where I can have my teenage escapade.

There's a general store and a dairy farm,

Which has the ability to charm

All the tourists in the land,

But this to me, seems quite bland.

My house is located in the trees,

And in the winter we all freeze.

There's nothing to do to pass the time,

My life must really turn on a dime.

We don't have any cable,

So we are quite unable,

To watch any television, you see,

Unless we acquire Direct TV.

I wish that I could leave right now,

So long, bye bye, adieu, ciao!

And move to the city where there's things to do,

Hey, if you were sixteen you'd do it too!