Silence. This is the only thing I heard in the empty corridors of the science building, except for the occasional coughing and sneezing of the patients resting in the clinic and the sound of a toilet flushing in the bathroom. The bell rang, signaling the end of the period before lunch. As usual the students shouted at each other over the shouts of another student. Some ran to catch up with their other friends or their girlfriend.

But all these sounds came in one side of my ear and went through the other end. This ended very quickly when I heard a high pitched scream directed right beside my ear. I didn't flinch at the sound that made the people around me look and cover their own ears.

Hundred of thoughts came rushing through my mind. Who the fucking hell shouted that freaking scream which can be heard till the other fucking side of the world?! You fucking bitch! What the hell are you trying to do?! Are you trying to fucking talk to me?! Well, FYI! I'm fucking beside you which can actually make me hear your goddamn voice without you even fucking screaming!!! You get it, you fucking bitch?!?

But even as these thoughts sped through my mind as fast as lightning, I still couldn't say it. Not because I didn't have enough guts, oh no. It's because I'm not supposed to say a goddamn thing since it shouldn't even affect me the teeniest bit.

You see, when you look around you. What do you usually see? You actually see phonies who can goddamn hear. I'm the opposite of those kinds of phonies. Do you get my fucking drift?!

But if these kinds of screaming will keep on continuing, then I am going to be goddamn deaf for real. And I don't want that, I don't want that at all.

Still not moving my head, I heard the snickers of the bitches and her bitchy goons. I looked at my watch for the time even though I've been looking at it for the past 15 minutes, just to have an excuse saying that I was late with my appointment with a teacher.

I made my way to the classroom and saw no other than the goddamn bitches and her goddamn goons, also known as the UPS (Ultimate Pest Society). They all had stupid grins on their faces while I gave them a sweet phony smile as I neared the classroom door right behind them.

Though, as I passed them I coughed and said bitches making them look my way. They started calling me but I just kept on walking until I reached the door. Leaving their shouting hell bell's with them. Hmph, serves their grits right.

The teacher was sitting on the chair, his back facing me while he looked at the sky through the window. He motioned me to sit in one of the chairs without looking. It was as if he knew that it was me and didn't need to check. It was either that or it was because he thought I was unworthy of his oh-so-precious effort. Doesn't really matter coz' I don't care.

A small pile of papers were placed on the top of one of the desks waiting for nobody else but me. It didn't look a bit welcoming but nevertheless I walked to the desk without uttering a single word.

I have been in this goddamn classroom for 25 minutes. Ah!! Even though I kept praying that the last bloody 15 minutes would pass by already! Alas, my wishes were not fulfilled. But that never stopped me from still trying and trying and... Is that smoke I smell?! I began to sniff loudly making my nose wrinkle because of my actions.

Then I realized he's smoking! The motherfucker is smoking!

"You're smoking?!" it was more of a statement than a question.

"True enough. I didn't know you would notice" came his cocky reply.

"Guess what?! I can fuc... actually smell! Amazing as it may seem, even though I can't hear I can actually smell! That's because my bloody nose is actually bloody functioning!" My voice was dripping with sarcasm and irritation. I was still a bit irked because of the incident with the UPS.

What claptrap was I saying?! I finally came to my senses after my little outburst. I looked back at the teacher hesitantly, not very sure what reaction was waiting for me.

To my surprise he had his mouth hanging open, big enough for a tennis ball to fit in snugly. I was totally oblivious to why this was his reaction. I tried to recall all the claptrap that I was saying. I talked to him, he talked to me, I replied and I...

Oh shit! Oh fucking shit! My secret! The secret that I've kept for 3 years! All the shit I've gone through just to keep it hidden! All will be gone in the drain just because of one cursed mistake! Oh cripes!

My heart started beating furiously. I could hear it deafening me. Then he started opening and closing his mouth like a goddamn goldfish trying to talk through the other side of the glass. The clogs in my head started turning faster, while I waited for the words that I was dreading like crazy.

"You. you. you heard."

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