Eleven Things To Judge A Life On
By: ShinigamiForever

A/N: Because I have not written a list poem in so long, and because Rose of Dresden needs a tribute, bad as this may be. *laughs*

I. Looking up at mirrored buildings
only serves to further blind me.

II. Do you remember things like
eating cities for breakfast
and then complaining about
how the maps
all faded with each passing student?

III. Here, she said,
and handed me a napkin.

IV. Saviors seem to be bought
with the same coin as eggs and celery.
We can bury the romantics
in the wine cellar.
They age gracefully.

V. There were two of them.
Now there seems to be only one.
The mourning doves at the crusts
of the shadows.

VI. They stole the picture
from an aging postcard
to write a love letter.
There was something about
recycling bins I was supposed to keep in mind.

VII. Abandonment is a funny thing.
I never thought of that until now,
but now is as undefinable as
tomorrow, or yesterday, or--

VIII. The best way to kill a man
is to claw out his eyes.

IX. When they tell you the story
has a happy ending,
know that they lie through the skin of their lips.

X. There are no such things as happy endings.
At least, not in a world driven by headlights
and hoarse voices.

XI. But I will still be there.