"Julia..." a dark voice spoke coldly.
"Joseph," I said in the same tone. This was my... oh what do you humans call it?
Friend? He was almost all vampire. Two thirds to be exact. Joseph was a much stronger vampire than I.
He knew it. I had not a clue why his father had befriended me two hundred years ago, and why he introduced me to his son.

"Having fun?" he mused.
"Shouldn't you be in... what's the term for it? School?"
"Skipped it so I could hang with you."
"You'll get caught."
"Bold one..." I scoffed.
"I have a favor to ask of you."
"Ask, boy."
"Could you make me a WHOLE vampire?"

I almost laughed at his request.

"You? Vampire?"
"Hey I'm two thirds of the way there..."
"You'd never make it."
"You forget I'm much stronger than you are."
I'd try to talk him out of it.
"You can't have any friends when you're a vampire."
"And why is that?"
I was silenced for a moment.
"It's against the laws of vampire nature," I told him.
"It says that nowhere in my book."
"It should."
"It does not."
"I could fly off, leaving your questions unanswered."
"I know your hunting route. And there isn't enough room in Brooklyn to find another."
"Damn you!"
"Wish you would."

Reader's P.O.V

She didn't know it, but he secretly admired her. She was smart, witty, sometimes even funny.
He always kept that thought blocked off from her though. He knew that if she knew then she'd run off.