Happiness is just a phase

What you did just made me cry,

Every time you laughed I died.

Whatever did I do to deserve this pain?

Was it my crime that forced so much of a task out of you?

For you to claim it was your own?

Me, myself, and only that, I tried to follow your rules

All it did was make me lose.

You used to hold my hand real tight.

As if my presence would take flight.

You used to bring me in so close,

Why aren't you here when I need you the most?

Often I ask myself why I stayed,

The truth of it was that my soul was maimed.

I remained till I though I could leave.

Your presence, your spirit, your very mind

Together we could hold back time.

You used to hold my hand in yours,

But now you go and leave me abandoned in lost hope.

You used to come and say goodbye or sometimes even hi!

But now the past has come to haunt

With one evil stare after another.

What is it that you want of me?

To lay down and die? I think I can mange that.

Or should it be more dramatic of an exit?

How about I go and drink from the vial around my neck,

The concoction that it holds would surely do the trick.

So many questions I ask you say?

When of the ones I speak in undertones you don't even pretend to hear.

If I should disappear some night would you careā€¦

I wonder if even that would make you bat an eye

You used to wonder what I did at night,

When you were gone.

When we were one and the same my life was naught.

You might think that you were the world for me, at least it was in times forgotten.

Now I have a life you couldn't even dream.

Of course not every life is perfect, mine had a seam.

The seam of reality that we were never meant to be.

The seam that showed me what was right and what was wrong with you.

I chose to ignore it as all fools do.

Now I think that I could have saved myself all the pain you caused,

If only I had been smart and selected the seam of reality.

I could have avoided all the pain that you caused.

The pain you caused.