A/N: Before you go on, I would like to mention that I am going through a lot right now, and some of my poetry is very...expressive...If these types of poems are not your thing, please do not continue. Also, if religious poetry bothers you, read not.

Also, I would like to thank neonpnkhippie for reviewing literally every one of my poems, and for understanding. Also, Glorious Sadness, Catella Erato, and of course, care, for reviewing my work and motivating me to write more. I can't thank you enough; I don't know where I'd be without my poems. :)

I need your mighty shoulder

I need your constant comfort

I can't go on

I don't know if I'll ever breathe again

But I guess

When everything's over

And I know who I am

My heart will mend


But still I need

A place

To crash

To burn

To die

I'll breathe again

When I know you're on my side

Just for this

And for the rest of my life

I'll love you always

For this one thing you've done for me

That's all I need

Just this once

And I'll go on my own again

But you'll always be there

To guide me

To give me a mighty shoulder

To cry on

I'll remember you always

For you are my God

And I'll never forget your power.