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Morgan Fairchild stopped as she came to her locker, lazily spinning the combination lock she exchanged her books for her next class, AP English, joy to the world. She briefly wondered if she had written the poem that was due in that class, she was interrupted from her thoughts when someone crashed into her causing her to drop her English Lit. book along with her spiral on to the floor, papers scattering around her feet.

"Just perfect." Morgan moaned as she bent down to retrieve the papers.
"Hey, sorry about that, let me help you." a voice sounded as another pair of hands began picking up the papers from the floor.

Morgan raised her eyes up to see who was helping her, she felt a blush rise in her face, it was him. Bane Madden, the object of Morgan's day dreams, he was so unlike the other boys that went to Vilgner High and she loved it. And here he was helping her pick up her papers, Bane wasn't popular with the girls, far from it in fact.
In fact, Bane really wasn't popular with anyone, he was a punkish sort of guy and did his own thing, but Morgan loved that about him he was so uniquely him, not a copy of all the label shopping, keeping up appearances, do what the MTV tells you is cool person that seemed to infest the high school.
Dressed in converse that had faded pen scribbles on them and black dickies topped off with a Minor Threat shirt with his chipped black finger nail polish and spiked hair, Morgan had to repress the sigh that threatened to come from her lips as she took in the site in front of her.

"Sorry, I'm a real klutz and whatnot, ya know?" Bane asked as he handed her the papers with a smile.
"Its ok, I understand." Morgan answered in a rush as they stood up. "I'm Morgan by the way." she added on a whim, what the heck fate had kept them apart she was going to introduce herself to him once and for all.
"Yea, I know, I've uh...seen you around. You hang with the preps, right?" Bane answered fiddling with a bracelet on his wrist.

Morgan had to go through a few emotions before she could answer him. First of all he had noticed her!! HE-BANE MADDEN had NOTICED HER! And then she felt slightly offended when he referred to her friends as the "preps". That wasn't true, sure she had friends that were, well yea so what? She had known them since they were kids and she would talk to anyone that would talk back, if Bane was labeling her he had another thing coming.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Morgan asked with a frown.
"Look, its not supposed to mean anything really, I was just stating a fact is all." Bane replied looking almost worried. "I didn't mean to offend you or anything."
"They aren't "preps" I mean, ok they are, but I've known them since I was like 4 ya know? I talk to anyone, so don't go sticking me in some box or something, got it?" Morgan spoke in a rush her voice slightly rising as she went on.
"WOW! Look didn't mean anything by it, I know you talk to anyone your talking to me aren't you? But, your friends are stuck up, alright?" Bane answered equally rushed. Bane couldn't help but smile as Morgan's face flushed, 'man she's got some fire in her, I like that.'
"You don't know them, so please don't go saying stuff like that, alright?" Morgan answered. Oh man!! I finally get to talk to the 'Oh Hott one' and look im fighting with him!!!
"Well, they sure give me a hard time every day so I CAN say that, alright Morgan?" Bane answered back. This took Morgan by surprise and she took a step back, she had never known her friends to do that kind of thing... not in front of her anyways.
"I-I didn't know that...I'm sorry Bane." Morgan said her voice suddenly soft as she stared Bane in the eyes genuine sympathy in them. Bane didn't know what to say, she was ACTUALLY sorry, for something she didn't even do...this was odd, someone he didn't even know what apologizing for some of the crap in his life.
"Look, didn't mean to get all Lifetime on you, alright? Uh...I think the bell ran a while back." Bane said as he looked around them in the deserted hallway.
"Wow, I didn't even notice it ring, that's really odd." Morgan was shocked the bell had rung and neither of them had noticed, suddenly she grinned ' not my fault I didn't notice, he's the biggest distraction.'
"Yea, that is...hey, where are you going this period??" Bane asked.
"English with Barrows." Morgan answered curious as to why Bane wanted to know.
"That's on my way to my class." Bane answered lying through his teeth, he had auto shop which was clear across campus from Barrows classroom. "Can I walk with you there?"
Oh god!! Bane wants to walk with me....what if I trip?? What if I faint or something??
"S-Sure, that would be great, I could use the company." Morgan managed to reply with a smile.

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