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Morgan sat tensely in her English class, she was trying to keep her eyes open, needless to say, she hadn't gotten much sleep the previous night. She had kept watch until her parents had returned from her grandmother's at around 6 that night and had stayed up after they had gone to sleep. She didn't tell them what was happening because she didn't want them worried about her or what may or may not be going on.

"Morgan... hey..." Lane whispered over to her friend who was obviously trying to keep awake. Morgan's head snapped up as she heard Lane's voice, she turned slowly, her sleepy eyes meeting Lane's questioning ones.

"Are you ok?" Lane whispered as she cast a sidelong glance at their teacher who was immersed in her paperback romance novel. Morgan ran a shaky hand through her hair, as she shook her head no.

"What is it?" Lane questioned.

"I-I, I'll tell you after class, alright? It's not something we can just talk about here....." Morgan's voice trailed off, Lane got the message and nodded.

"After class." And with that Lane sat back in her chair and patiently watched the clock. Morgan was watching the clock also, she needed to tell someone, she was growing tired from keeping it in. She drummed her fingers impatiently as the seconds ticked by, they soon become minutes.


Morgan breathed a sigh of relief as the bell signaled the end of her class and released her, she turned quickly to find Lane already by her desk.

"Come on." Morgan said as she grabbed Lane's hand and pulled her out of the class.

"Morgan, what's going on?" Lane asked when they were by Morgan's locker and most of the crowd had found their way to class.

"Lane, I don't know what's going on." Morgan said as she leaned her forehead against the locker.

"Morgan, tell me." Lane said.

"Yesterday, I was home alone and, someone was at the door, so I went to go answer it, but no one was there when I did." Morgan lifted her eyes to Lane who nodded encouragingly.

"But, there was this box, with my name on it, so I brought it inside and opened it and, Morgan sighed and ran her hands through her hair, " There was a picture of Luke and me from Florida."

"What?!" Lane burst out in shock.

"I know! But, Lane..... Luke was the only one who had a copy of that picture..." Morgan started her voice soft.

"Yea?" Lane had a confused expression on her face.

"Lane... if Luke was the only one who had a copy of that picture, then he had to have been the one to send it to me, or bring it to me." Morgan added when she saw Lane's confused expression.

"Oh, crap..." Lane whispered when she saw what Morgan was saying.

"Yea, I know. I couldn't sleep last night, I kept thinking, what if he's there when I wake up." Morgan closed her eyes.

"Oh, Morgan." Lane whispered as she reached out and hugged her friend.

Morgan smiled and hugged her friend back, it was nice to just get a hug from Lane, to know that she was there.

"Hey, guys..... everything ok?" Bane's voice sounded, the two friends pulled apart to look at the confused Bane. Lane looked between Morgan and Bane before she offered Morgan a smile, "I'll just leave you two to talk." Lane said as she grabbed her bag and walked down the hallway.

"What's going on?" Bane asked as Lane left. Morgan gave Bane a small smile, before she took his hand.

"We've got to talk."

"Why didn't you call me?!" Bane quietly fumed as he paced back and forth in front of Morgan who was sitting on the floor of the school's library.

"I don't know, I was scared, I wasn't sure what to do!" Morgan answered as she buried her face in her hands.

"Is this the only thing that's happened, Morgan?" Bane questioned as he stopped pacing and knelt down in front of Morgan.

Morgan nodded, "Yea, that I know of."

"This is crazy, are you ok?" Bane asked.

"I'm fine, just really confused, none of this makes sense. You know?" Morgan leaned against Bane's shoulder.

"Yea, I know, baby." Bane stroked Morgan's hair gently. Morgan smiled and hugged Bane hard as she felt his hand in her hair.

"You don't have to be afraid." Bane whispered into her ear.

"I...I know." Morgan mumbled.

"No, Morgan.... look at me. I won't let him touch you, do you understand? I won't let him hurt you again." Bane took Morgan's chin and tilted it gently up so that they were looking each other in the eyes. Morgan smiled faintly as she saw the look in Bane's eyes, the look that let her know everything was going to be fine.

"I know." Morgan said again, but this time she meant it.

"Jamerson!! Jamerson!" Shari's voice echoed down the empty hallway, Jamerson rolled his eyes and slammed his locker shut.

"Jamerson, there you are! I haven't seen you in a while... I ...was wondering about you...." Shari said as she appeared at Jamerson's side, her voice faltering slightly when she saw his face.

"What is it, Shari?" Jamerson muttered as he tightened his grip on his books, he knew it was only a matter of time before Shari tracked him down and here she was.

"I just, wanted to know... you know, if everything was ok." Shari mumbled averting her eyes from Jamerson.

"Yea, just peachy." Jamerson bit out. He looked at Shari for a moment before sighing, "Why wouldn't they be?" he asked in a less harsh tone.

"You never called." Shari said after a moments pause.

"I was busy... with a project."

"A project?" Shari asked confused now.

"Yea, a personal one. It's almost finished though." Jamerson ran a hand through his blond hair.

"What kind of project?" Shari questioned as they began walking down the hallway.

"Oh.... just a cause and effect type one." Jamerson answered as he thought about what he and Bethany had planned.

"Cause and effect? So it's science then, right?"

"Yea, I guess you could say that, it's science a project." Jamerson stopped in front of the gym doors, he could hear the sounds of his friends and the squeaking of sneakers through the metal doors.

"So it's for class then, I didn't know Mr. Strongmeyer was giving projects right now." Shari was still confused and trying to figure out what Jamerson was talking about.

"He's not, it's more of.... an extra credit thing. Personal satisfaction." Jamerson grinned as he thought about how it would feel to hold Morgan in his arms.

"Oh, I see. Well I better get going to the office, if I don't make the announcements, they'll never get done." Shari laughed, her ever present bubbliness seeming to have returned.

"Yea, you do that." Jamerson reached for the double doors, but stopped.

"Hey, Shari." he called.

"Yea?" Shari just about did an about face as Jamerson said her name. On a whim Jamerson grabbed her shoulders and pulled her close, without a second thought he kissed her as deeply as he could.

"Wow." Shari breathed when he let her go, Jamerson smirked.

"See you."

And with that Jamerson threw open the double doors, the breathless Shari far from his mind.

Bethany sat on the floor of her bedroom, legs out, papers and pictures scattered around her. She sighed and rested her chin her on her fist as she surveyed the disaster area that was her room. Her dark blue painted walls were barely visible underneath the band posters and fliers from concerts, her clothes were haphazardly flung around her closet w/ her laptop humming away on the heavy metal desk she had did most of her writing at.

"Maybe I should open a window or something...." Bethany mumbled as she

climbed to her feet and stretched, she had been working on her latest project.

She wasn't exactly sure how it was gonna turn out, hell she wasn't even sure what it WAS. But, it was interesting, she'd give it that. Randomly the night before, Bethany had gotten the whim to get every single picture she had and random pieces of songs she had written and had begun to piece them together. A smile touched her lips as she looked at the pictures and song pieces that were beginning to form something beautiful. The smile that was on Bethany's lips was short lived however.

"What the?!" Bethany exclaimed as the door to her bedroom flew open.

"Hey, babe." Jamerson gave her a cocky smile as he sauntered into her room, he took a look around before kicking her door shut with his foot.

"What do you think you're doing here?!" she hissed.

"Calm down. I came to see how everything is going with our project." Jamerson answered as he crossed the room and took a seat in front of her laptop. Bethany rolled her eyes and with a sigh took a seat on her bed.

"How'd you." she began.

"Your mom, nice lady." Jamerson said absentmindedly not letting Bethany finish her question. Bethany's lips twisted into a frown as she shot him a


"How'd you find out where I lived." she said again this time finishing.

"Oh, that.... I've got my sources." Jamerson gave her a sly smile as he spoke. Bethany wrapped her arms around herself and scooted further away on her bed. Jamerson was looking at her funny and she didn't like it, not one stinking bit.

"Stalker." she mumbled.



"So, what exactly are we gonna be doing?" Jamerson folded his hands, Bethany toed the corner of her comforter that was touching the floor.

"Well, what I had thought was...." Bethany paused and raised and eyebrow, Jamerson was leaning over looking at the project that Bethany had recently began.

"Hello...." Bethany said her tone catching Jamerson's attention, he quickly lifted his eyes.

"Whoops...." he gave her a sheepish look, Bethany only rolled her eyes.

"Can't stay focused, nothing new there."

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean?" Jamerson questioned.

"What do you think? You can't stay focused for one second, first its Shari....." Bethany let her voice trail off.

"Don't bring her up." Jamerson moaned.

"Yea, whatever." Bethany crossed her arms over her chest and turned her face the other way.

Jamerson cast a side long look her suddenly before he spoke. "What's it to you anyways?"


"I said, what's it you anyways. What I do with Shari." Jamerson cocked a blond eyebrow at her. Bethany was silent for a moment, Jamerson had caught her off guard with his question.

"It DOESN'T matter." she spit out.

"Yea, sure it doesn't." Jamerson laughed as he saw the look in Bethany's eyes, he saw something else besides the usual annoyed look.... jealousy.

Bane sat staring at his window, he closed his eyes and massaged his temples. Standing he walked slowly towards the window and looked outside, not really seeing the neighborhood street. He was too caught in his thoughts to notice anything, not even the dusty green civic that was parked across the street. He kept thinking back a couple of weeks, the way he had treated Morgan then.

He shook his head as a fear gripped him, a fear that he would be like his father. Without realizing it he had begun to take Morgan for granted. Take for granted the things she did for him, her daily presence, her love....

Just like his dad had done to his mom, taken her for granted and later forgot about her. Bane would rather throw himself straight into 5:00 rush hour traffic then see himself do this.

"Idiot..." Bane muttered to himself as he pushed away from the window and flopped down on his bed. He rolled over on his back and rested his head on his hands, his mind wandering back to his earlier thoughts.

The weirdness of the past week had snapped him out of his behavior towards Morgan and now he felt like a complete jerk. Someone was watching his Morgan, HIS girl. Sending her things, showing up at her house. He should have been there, watching out for her, seeing who was around. Protecting her and instead he was involved at work making some extra cash or putting in extra time into his skating which already consumed more then half of his free time.

He had neglected her and someone had taken that as an opportunity to target her. No, not someone.... Luke. Bane's face turned into a scowl as he thought of that ass. It had to be, even if things weren't for sure now. Bane was positive that low-life was hanging around. He had promised Morgan that he wouldn't let Luke near her again and he had failed her once, but he wouldn't again.

"Never again." Bane declared to his empty room, the only witnesses the members of bands on his poster covered walls.

Outside the dusty green civic started up, the driver cast a look into Bane's room before they slowly pulled away from the curve.

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