I don't allow myself to feel,
I'm not part of everyone's deal,
I reign in my apathetic state,
While everyone to emotion kneels.

Apathy is the only way to not get hurt,
The only way to prevent clothes with dirt,
It's the best and only choice for me,
While the girls cry in all their skirts.

Not feeling is the only way,
The only way to get through the day,
Everyone else gets all choked up,
While I in my own world happily play.

So what if I don't feel?
Only to myself I kneel,
That way I can't ever get hurt,
All the while being real.

Apathy is the only way to perfection,
All of mankind's direction,
To do this is the best way,
Give yourself the ultimate correction.

Don't condemn because I don't feel,
I'm the only one who is real,
Be like me and you will see,
What is really the big deal.

My way is the only way,
I'll always live another day,
While everyone else weeps and prays,
I don't immerse in the fray.

And I'm better than all the rest,
I'm the only one, the best,
Apathy is the true path in life,
The last passage of humans' test.