I sequester myself,
I'm all alone,
I can't let anyone get close,
No giving me love's dose.

I can't let anyone love me,
I need to breathe,
I can't let people surround me,
I have to let myself be.

I can't accept any love,
I need to be all alone,
I'm not allowed to have love,
I need to have life rough.

I have to be alone,
I can't get out and be myself,
Because if I do someone might just love me,
And that's the unthinkable deed.

I can't have love ever,
I have to be alone,
Don't even try to love me,
It's an unattainable feat.

Sequestering myself is the only way,
I can't ever be loved,
Just let me alone and die,
I don't need to know the sky.

Don't ever try to love me,
All you will receive is sorrow,
So don't love me and leave me alone,
Deep within this cave of stone.