Another day goes by,
Another woman starts to cry,
Of the choices that passed by,
The ones she never took.

I will never cry,
Over choices that have died,
Or my foolish lies,
I don't ever regret.

I told myself no regrets long ago,
Back when I still had foes,
Now I don't regret over drawing the bow,
I do whatever and feel no remorse.

Everywhere people say,
If I could I would start another day,
Get rid of the bills that I now can't pay,
Take the career that I now can't have.

I say to myself look at those fools,
Mourning over the gold lost in gambling pools,
Or regretting have to wipe off the baby's drool,
I laugh at them and walk away.

I don't regret over my bad choices,
Not like everyone else with the whining voices,
While everyone else mourns I rejoice,
I don't need to feel bad over the things I did.

No regrets is the way to live,
Don't think about what not to give,
Nor always act so tentative,
I live the right way, the only way.

So curse me astride virginity,
Or of your love's affinity,
What about the moon's serenity?
No regrets, that's all I care.