I have the most curious affinity,
Ones that do not concern virginity,
Nor tales of serenity,
It's a sadomasochistic thing.

I'm obsessed with unearthly pain,
The tingling sensations from it I gain,
Maybe that's what the heavens deigned,
When they determined my fate.

I don't know when this began,
Perhaps it was the day when I started to ran,
Or the day that I knew the meaning of man,
Somehow it just happened.

I love pain in all forms,
The eccentric and the norm,
Even if I have to use a worm,
It's all for the pleasure.

Pain is a good thing when done right,
Especially on moonless nights,
Or on precarious heights,
It's all in the timing.

And so here I am with another bruise,
From another nightly cruise,
With a broken honored truce,
All I care is the pain.

What I do is what I've done,
It's my idea of fun,
Kinda like relaxing in the sun,
Take it or leave it, it's my way.