The Journal II: A New Page By: Rachel Ward

Chapter 1 "Stop it, please...stop hurting me..." I pleaded silently as pain raced through my entire body and blood...the blood of my classmates, dripped from my hands. The blood burned my hands and my head pounded as I felt myself growing weaker and weaker by the minute, darkness on the very edge of my vision. Sirens began to go off, as loudly as if they were right next to my ear. I began to cry, wishing that I could just die right then and there. The figure beside me laughed, and I looked up, only to see.... "Eep!" In her excitement, Catieza had accidentally dropped her book, cursing to herself as she did. She bent down to pick it up, giggling with delight as her insides quivered with anticipation. She opened it up and read a few sentences to see where she was. She flipped back a few pages, then went up one more and continued reading. She smiled widely and bit her lip to keep from laughing out loud. She didn't know why, but reading exciting things always made her feel like laughing. "BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! My hand immediately went to my alarm, hitting it so hard that it smashed into pieces. I blearily opened my eyes and looked to where my alarm clock would have been sitting. "Ugh, not again..." I muttered to myself as I saw what I had done to the clock. I sat up and closed my eyes. The images of my dream ran through my mind's eye up to just before I'd woken up. I had been laying on the ground, crying with pain, when someone beside me started laughing. I looked up and saw... "...him." I thought." "Hey!" Catieza looked up at her brother and tried to grab the book back, but he just pushed her down onto the bed. "What is this junk you're reading?" Demonius asked. "'I covered my eyes with my arm and was just about to fall asleep again when I heard someone turn off my fan. Suddenly, I felt myself being pulled out of bed by my ankles and opened my eyes.' Sheesh!" Demonius threw the book back onto Catieza's lap. "What kind of story is that? It doesn't even have any fighting!" "It does too! It's a romantic horror story! See, this girl likes this guy, while this other geeky guy likes her, and then her dreams come true because the guy she likes starts going out with her! But then he does something evil to her, and she has to fight it. Then the geeky guy that liked her comes and saves her and kills the bad guy, then they fall in love and that's the end. See? And there's plenty of fighting in it." Catieza opened up her bookbag and put the book inside, zipping it shut again. "Yeah, whatever." Demonius rolled his eyes and said, "C'mon, we're gonna be late! And you know that if you're late again, you get a detention. Wait, in that case, let's be late." "Oh ha ha. Let's just go." Catieza grabbed her bookbag and walked out of the room with Demonius chuckling behind her. She suddenly grinned and thought "*sigh* It would be so cool if that would happen to me. A poor innocent girl, kidnapped by an evil, seductive villain, and then a handsome, wonderful man rescues her and they fall in love and she lives happily ever after. That would be so wonderful.Hey!" Catieza shoved the burly figure off the sidewalk and glared at him. The dark character looked up at her, and she stared right back, as if daring him to say something. "That's what I thought." she muttered to herself, then crossed the street and continued walking to school. "Sorry 'bout that," Demonius said, helping the silent boy to his feet. "She's always acting like that.a total bitch basically." He grinned and shook hands with the new person. "Hey, I'm Demonius. I've never seen you around before. New?" The boy nodded and looked at him for a moment before resuming his walk down the road. Demonius ran and fell in step beside him. "So, what's your name?" The new boy stopped and looked at him for a moment, as if wondering whether or not he could trust this person, then said, "Luthro."