"God Averil!, Would you please quit talking about horses?", Chad snapped. "You're

She turned away, hurt. They didn't understand. They didn't know what it felt like
everytime she looked at a little girl with a pony or a woman on her show horse. Like a
knife twisting into her heart. A slow, torturous agony that never went away. The only hope
that made her get up in the morning was the thought that one day, there might be enough
money, or time. Maybe one day....

No one understood. No one except Gwen. Gwen was the only one who realized the she
needed a horse. Whichout one, a piece of her heart was missing. Like soda without its fizz
or a bike without wheels. Her life was lived one Sunday at a time. Sunday, when she could
go out to the barn and become one with Stormy, the horse she rode. She felt tears coming to
her eyes and immediatly stopped them from falling. There had to be a way to buy a horse..there
just had to be.