I'm J-walking home after school, and I notice how many Drivers Ed cars drive by me.

I slowly count about five.

All students from V.S.S.

Then I remember what has been bugging me for the past few weeks; what is the main purpose in life? Why were we put on this earth? What should be the life-long goal?

I can currently only come up with one word. Reproduction.

That's it.

You're parents achieved their goal by having you. Now what? Do they just sit there and rot for all eternity?

No. They're there with you, every step, teaching you, educating you so that you're able to do the same to your kids. Then they pass.

Remember the element of Death. It's always there, casting a shadow over your life, silently willing you to grow up and have kids. But before I get too far ahead of my self, I'll try to explain.

These students trying to drive...why? Is it a part of maturing, or exclusive enjoyment? Or even the common knowledge that you are in power behind the wheel?

Their greed will take them from wanting to drive, to more bigger and drastic things.

This greed.

This power.

After all, what human doesn't crave power?

It's a handle that babies are raised to try and grasp. To forever hold.

This power...it interferes with reproduction. Power gets into the way of anything. Everything. There's no way to avoid it.

Look around you.


What does he want?

The world knows this isn't just about bombs anymore. And if you don't know, trust me, you're in ignorant bliss.

Like I said before, it's greed. Greed that leads to power.

Weekly, reports from the UN are brought in telling us that there are either no bombs, or they are fake.

Bush wants power.

But before he can get that, he needs to get rid of any country that might get in its way. And of course, the power he needs to obtain is in the hands of the free world. He sees the Muslim Extremists as the weakest of them, and the easiest to fool.

He'll try and find a reason to publicly begin a defensive stance and appear endangered.

Once that is accomplished, he'll declare war.

But again, they, the Muslim leaders want power as well.

It's a clash for possession of the free world and we, the civilians, have been cast in this horrific historical soap as extras.

Admit it. The one and only point of this new upstart is greed.

The want for world leadership.

Think hard now. The world is made up of certain facts. Facts that prove to drive life in it's continual cycle and prove life isn't as hyped up as it appears to be.

Kill two birds with one stone.

These facts are more like elements, really.

Birth. Greed. Hate. Greed. Envy. POWER. Greed. Death.

Turn around. Both left and right. That's all you'll see.

Now, I know what you're thinking, 'Shut up. That's not what life is all about.'

You're right.

You're absolutely correct.

...In a way.

I say this. Life is about creating the next generation, raising and educating them, next, making them do the exact same thing with their lives. There are exceptions, of course, as there is to every other rule. But I'll talk about that later as well.

While birth, greed, hate, power and death are elements of life, there are what they call 'happier' times. These include what 'some' deem as the REAL purpose of life.


The small, four-lettered word that means none to some, then the world to others.

'Love' is an emotion that would benefit marriage, which leads to the baby making business.

Does that sound too rudimentary?

Others would declare that life sucks. That it's unfair...not right.

Life's a bitch I tell ya.

Just remember,

All of this joy and love, greed and power you might be reaching, pulling and heaving for...

One day...

One day, death will smile upon you and none of it, nothing about the particle theory, astronomical units, characteristics of life, nothing.

Absolutely nothing will matter anymore.

Oh how I need his attention...


Paradoxical isn't it.

'Oh how I need his attention'...in a way I'm contradicting myself.

The smallest of phrases imply the word I loathe most. Greed.

I'm sitting here, trying to explain how tired I am of insatiability in this world, and I cannot even try and state something as small as a childish need with out being covetous...

Will this animosity never end?

Or are we doomed to die with the bitter taste of voracity on our tongue.

- A. G. Feb. 7/03