If only you could see

The way he looks at me

I see it in his eyes

And it comes as no surprise

When he looks at me that way

I see the day you went away

And I'll never get you back

'Cause love don't work like that

When you left without a word

I guess I'm dreaming 'cause I heard

You tell me that you loved me

But I'm dreaming, because, you see,

You love another girl

And she's like a precious pearl

You got to get her while you can

Or she'll slip right through your hands

But, see, I let you slip away

And I can't live another day

Knowing that you love another

All my hopes and dreams were smothered

By the girl I didn't know

That took your heart, and so

I'm alone, and you're still waiting

For a girl who keeps on hating

And now it's time for me to tell you

I love you I and I always do

I always have, I always will

If only my wish, you'd fulfill.

I love my babe, I truly do

But I still love you too.