Half and Half

This glass is half empty

Once filled to the brim

Now it is drained

Not much left there within

This glass is half full

There is some of it still

It's not yet been emptied

Seems it never will

This half is heart broken

Been torn up in bits

Feels it can't go on

It no longer fits

This heart is half mended

And soon it will heal

It looks forward to that day

When happiness it will feel

This boy is half bad

Seems he cannot conform

Hates himself daily

His feelings are worn

This boy is half good

Tries to make that a whole

He will not stop trying

He smiles towards his goal

This life is half sad

Feels it shouldn't go on

An aching this bad

Should belong to no-one

This life is half happy

Not complete, but doesn't care

It likes what it has

The other half will soon be there