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The sites and sounds of a tournament day is always one to remember. The sites, the sounds, and the preparations are the most remember-able. The sun is always shining on a tournament day, when the bustles of people that push and shove each other is so huge that it's almost unbearable. Colorful flags and banners appear to the eye outside the ancient stadium, while inside was pure chaos. Being large in size, with only simple dirt for ground and a circle of seats that spreads entirely around the middle, colorful banners and flags hung from the walls of here also. The people, however, were entirely different from the excited onlookers outside the stadium, chatting away about whether their favorite Knight would claim victory. The inside showed many knights all together, preparing for their battles ahead of them against each other in front of the many people waiting outside. For this moment, however, the knights were calm and passive towards the man beside him, laughing and talking as though the opponent that they would soon be fighting was not the same human being that was standing beside them, telling them a humorous story about their two year old daughter.

How do I know all this, you're asking? I know all this because I am a squire, and today is every squire's favorite day: tournament day! This morning, I was aroused from sleep by my Knight before the sun had even woken itself up to start the day. I woke quickly, however; it was an important day, after all. What does a squire actually do in these tournaments, you ask, if the Knight is doing the fighting? Well, myself, being a squire, gets to look after the knight's weapons and armor to make sure it's perfect. In my opinion, the job I did shining up my Knight's armor was the closest to perfect any squire could even wish to hope for. A squire gets to stand on the sidelines while his Knight battles in the tournament, giving him the weapons he desires, as well as being the keeper of any other necessities he may at a chance need for his tournament. It is an honor to stand on the sidelines for my Knight, as I could probably gather from all the other squires out who stand by their Knights, as I stand by mine.

After awakening with my Knight, we were swift in making our way to the kitchens, where I quickly served him his breakfast. I had always known my Knight enjoyed being places before the rush of crowd, but.to wake before the sun? We were using simple candles to light our way through the winding hallways of the Lord's enormous manor, and, despite myself, I repeatedly stepped on my Knight's heels; I have a tendency of doing that, but I always apologize. After breakfast we, the two of us, hastily made to the practice field in back of the Lord's manor, still with candles only to guide us, as the sun started to yawn over the horizon. Curtly, my Knight asked for his sword, and requested that I fetch his horse so that he may practice for the tournament, simply hours away. Enthusiastically, I obeyed; I would see my Knight in action before the sun had rested its lazy bottom upon the low horizon!

I entered the stable quickly, keeping the task at hand on my mind as I passed by the many stalls of vibrant, decorated horses; they were decorated, of course, for show at the tournament. No matter how they looked, however, the horse's smelled simply foul, and I wished to leave the stable quickly before the smell made my head dizzy, or I perhaps began to choke. A stunning gray appaloosa caught my eye and I smiled knowingly: this indeed was Koibito, my Knight's prize steed, whom he loved more than any of his others, which is why the mare was blessed with such a name: her Knight's love for her. Some day, when I become a real knight, I will find a steed like Koibito, and I will love her, as my Knight loves his favorite. Quickly, I led Koibito out from the horrible smell of the stables; the smell of horse manure and dusty, molding hay was almost too much for my senses to bear.

When I exited the stable, I was content to find that the sun was only halfway above the horizon. Quickly, I jogged along side the cantering horse as she hurried to her Knight; perhaps with favoritism, the steeds become clingy. I would not know; I am not aloud a steed, but I do know that none of my Knight's steeds are clingy towards me.

I saw my knight give Koibito a once over with his eyes, as though judging her, as I knew he was. In a tournament, it is custom to decorate your horse to fit the colors, which were assigned to you according to your rank; my Knight is increasingly high in rank, so his colors consisted of a lively red and gold. I had decorated Koibito late into the night in order to please my Knight; her decorations were, if I may say so, fit for a Knight of his rank. Her mane was braided with ribbons of shimmering gold, and than weaved with many fine strands of red. I left Koibito's tail unbraided; I feel it looks more free and exotic. Instead, I tied the same gold ribbons I had used on the mane upon the highest part of the tail, so that they too, flew free and exotic, as the tail was aloud to be. Wrapped around the gold, the thin threads of red in which I had also used upon Koibito's mane moved as the mare moved and shifted. The large saddle was spectacular, if I do say so myself; shining with any golden object I had found across my path, which I had attached in three rings circling around the seat of the saddle, but not upon it. To rival the gold, I had gone through the forest behind the manor and, although I received many a cut upon my now sore hands, had picked and attached only the finest and freshest of rose petals to dangle off of the saddle with pride. I left only one rose untouched, which I had tucked into the bridle near Koibito's ear for a touch of beauty.

After a short while of his eyes darting here and there upon his horse, I saw my Knight smile his proud smile, which he reserves only for me. Reaching down, he mussed my hair affectionately, before climbing upon Koibito's saddle and laughing, as he shared with me, because it felt so grand to be upon the back of such a radiant beauty, decorated in such a fashion, he felt that now he too, must cover himself in ribbons and rose pedals, so that he would not look like a fool. Than he requested that I help him practice.

It was then that the sun's bottom grazed the horizon, and, indeed, I laughed as well; tournament days are my favorite days, I've pointed out, so I agreed.

---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

The tournament has started; my knight has not yet taken the battlefield. I cannot wait to see him in action, my Knight, as I cannot wait to see him riding his fabulous, favorite mare. Someday, I will be here, in this stadium, with my Knight, but I will not be a squire; when that day comes, I will be fighting against my Knight in the battles of honor. Then I will have my own steed; my own prized horse that I will favor above all others. I will have my own squire, to decorate my horse so that I may muss his hair in pride and smile the smile he knows that I keep locked inside simply for him.

Until that day comes, however, I am still a squire, and my Knight is up to battle. He mounts his steed with pride; I know that part of that pride is thanks to my decorations. His armor shines, glinting in the hot sunlight that shines through the roof of the stadium; it was I who shined the armor until it could be shined no more. My Knight pulls out his sword: also shined to the highest extent possible. If there were to be an accident, or my Knight were to drop his sword, he could simply and swiftly turn his horse and race past me on the sideline: I've got three extra swords, shined and ready, beside me at this moment. The cheering of the crowd is practically deafening: a squire can hardly hear his Knight over the entire racket.

Hours later, as the Tournaments end, I am aware that my Knight has done extremely well in the fighting three quarters. I am also aware that Koibito's first place ribbon shines bright in the setting sun. My Knight could not have looked prouder, I assure you of that.

The dining room was crowded; my Knight liked to avoid this certain room when it was crowded, but it was forced upon him to attend a special banquet in honor of the winnings of all who entered the tournament. So, of course, my Knight accepted, and quickly, the two of us readied him for class, perhaps even the Lord would be there, my Knight would have to look the part of a winning Knight, of course! We dressed him in his finest attire, before he left for the banquet. I, however, set off for the kitchens. It is, after all, my job to serve my Knight.

The banquet was loud and happy, people gaily singing songs of victory as they ate the food that myself and the other squires served to them; the food smelled strong, since there was a lot of it, and I couldn't help but cast a glance upon the Lord, who had a grand seat at the head of the rectangle table. My Knight sat two seats down from the Lord, and I almost stared in amazement at his grandness, but, quickly, my Knight corrected my mistake. He simply whispered to me that if I was in a right mind, than I would refrain from staring, lest I wish for my cut up hands to be chopped off with the cook's knife. I agreed hastily.

Now, of course, it is time for bed, so the time has come to say goodnight, as the sun is quietly setting. My Knight and I both settle down for a long deserved rest and sleep.



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