Dark Days, Light Nights 3

Book three

Chapter 1

Mark, Laura and Sarahlee, all sat there totally gob-smacked. They could not believe what was sat before them, or actually who sat before.

"Wha, Wha, Ho, How?" Laura stuttered

"As we said, all your questions will be answered, shortly, first we need a safe place"

"Any suggestions?" Emma asked

"Well, err, I can't think" Mark started

"The only place we know is probably my house" Laura suggested "They know where Chebby lives, and I don't think Mark has a house, so mine is the best option"

"Do you live down Springfield?" Danny asked

"Yeah" was the reply from Laura

Danny sped off to Laura's house, careful to not go there directly, to make sure they had no tails. After about thirty minutes, they arrived at Laura's house.

They all piled out of the van and went inside, Laura's mum and dad had gone on vacation and Amy was at university so the house was empty.

Danny and Emma sat in the middle of the sofa and everyone huddled round to hear their story. Chebby was awake by now and he was still in shock, he couldn't take it all in.

"Go on then, tell all" Sarahlee said, who was still amazed at what had happened.

"Well, first of all, we're not the Danny and Emma that you know" Emma explained

"What?" asked Mark

"Well" Danny started to explain "You see, we're not from this world, or actually we are but not this reality, oh I'm not very good at explaining things , Em you better".
"Well, as Danny said, we're not from this reality, how can I put this. For every decision we make there are a load of different choices, loads of different possibilities, well we're from a universe that is identical to yours only we made different choices, there's probably millions upon millions of universes out there that all differ in one way from the rest." Emma explained

"You see our world is one screwed up place, compared to yours it would be classed as Hell. You see Humanity on our world doesn't exist, there's nothing but hatred. About 10 years ago our reserves started to run very low, we had drained our planet. It was very polluted and almost uninhabitable. Round about the same time a guy called John Gold invented this machine that could cross the fabric of time, so the people in power assembled a team of highly trained professionals to go to worlds and investigate, see if we could use the next world. Myself and Emma where part of that squad"

"But we are rebels now" Emma cut in, she could see there faces and thought they might be starting to get worried "When you know nothing but evil, that's all you know, you don't know anything else. But coming to your world, it opened our eyes, we can see now what a savage race we we're, and we have come to help you"

"That's right" Danny said "We are only here to help"

It took a while for it all to sink in, but they had not much trouble believing it after all that they had been through, anything was possible.

"So your telling us that you're a team, of highly trained people, who have rebelled and have come to help us in our fight" Chebby said

"Well, we're not so much a team, but two people, but yeah that's right" Danny said

"Cool" said Chebby, he must have still been in shock.

"Well, I don't know quite what to say" Laura said "Your both identical to our, to our, Danny and Emma, well apart from the suits"

"It's amazing" said Sarahlee

"It all makes sense" Mark said

"What does?" asked Laura

"Well everything, you remember when Jonny was talking about his capture he said something like days ran into weeks, well they probably did!"

"No they didn't" Danny said "Our machine can only cross the reality boundary, not time"

"Oh, well then it's not that clear then, but still the mists are lifting, you see, Jonny, the one that captured us can't have been our Jonny, he said so himself, and Harvey wasn't evil either, we must save them!" Mark said

"Wow hold your horses" Danny said "We need a plan, and we all need to know what's happening" his gaze turned to Sarahlee.

"Oh, I see you all think I'm thick on your world as well, well it's good to see that some things don't change, even if the fashion laws are completely broken" she just couldn't resist the dig at the skin tight PVC.

"Quite" Emma replied

"So let me get things straight" Laura thought aloud. "The two groups that are at work, where you and these evil dudes, so that is why they became so interested in Danny and Chebby chasing Mark, so that's why they decided to, well to take action". Laura couldn't bring herself to say slaughter Danny and Emma.

"That sounds about right" Danny said, "but I don't really know what went on here, in this world I mean"

"Well we had better bring you up to date" Sarahlee said

It took a while for them to tell their tale, they all took turns at various points, telling what they knew. Then after a while it was Danny and Emma's turn to tell their tale, fully anyway.

"Well as we said it all started with Jeff Gold and his machine. Well after we arrived at this world, us two where instructed to stay and collect specimens, during our collections, we met some good people. Christians they called themselves, they taught us how good this world was, so after many hours of talk we we're convinced at how we had 'sinned' so we decided to track you down, and help" Danny explained.

"I don't understand" Sarahlee said

"Surprise, Surprise" Danny muttered

"What, anyway, if you where one of the first people to get here, and you reformed so quickly, why did it take you all these years to find us"

"Good point" Emma answered "But after a few weeks of looking for you, we decided to give up. We thought it would be best for us to carry on ourselves and try to stop, or at least slow down the enemy." Emma explained "And besides we had to get some cool suits"

"Then if you didn't need us why did you decide to contact us now" Chebby asked

"Well we had no choice really, there are a few reasons, for one you found out what was going on so we had to explain things properly secondly you got yourselves captured, we just couldn't sit back and watch you get killed. Thirdly, this is the week of 'decision' and we need your help." Danny answered

"What's decision" Laura asked

"That's what I've been dreading to have to tell you. 'Decision' is what our enemy call their final week. They are planning to take over your world, this world in this week, starting with England and Ireland!" Danny said

The room went silent, everyone was stunned.

"Well, that's pretty heavy" Chebby said

"Quite" Danny replied "Now, we've managed to get a gang together, we have located people at each of the key hideouts, but that only leaves me and Em to take care of this one, the biggest one"

"We need your help" Emma finally asked

"Your asking us to risk our lives, just to save this planet" Mark said "OK, I'm in"

"Me too" Laura and Chebby said at the same time

Danny and Emma looked over to Sarahlee.

"Well, I'm all up for saving the world and all that, but I think I'd just slow things down, I'd be more hassle than worth"

"Well that's all right, but everyone serves a purpose, so you may be useful to us, if not you'll just get killed and it'll be no skin off our noses" Danny said dryly

"Oh well when you put it like that how could I refuse" Sarahlee replied, now she was determined to prove herself to the others.

"Well where do we start then?" Chebby asked, he now had a new found enthusiasm

"Well we can't start now, not yet" Emma said

"No, Why?" Sarahlee asked, she wanted to appear eager to start

"Well the gangs not complete"

"Harvey and Jonny" Mark half asked

"Do you know where they are" Laura asked

"No, I don't even know if they are still alive, but we owe it them to give it a try" Danny said frankly

"Where do we start then?" Chebby asked

"Well I'm guessing looking on this planet will be useless" Emma said

"You don't mean" Laura started

"I sure do" Emma replied

Chapter 2

"You know it's not as scary or dangerous as it seems" Emma was explaining. "You see that big laser shaped thing in the corner" she pointed, "well that emits a ultra sonic beam thing, and it opens a 'porthole' type thing. And thingy, you can see what the other place looks like before you enter, and when you do enter it's just like walking through a door, only a interdimensional door."
They where all stood in a basement where they had set up the 'laser thingy' as Emma put it. It was a fairly small basement, box shaped, this was of course Laura's basement.

"You know are you sure that you know what you are doing?" Chebby asked "Because there was just a few too many 'thing's' in that sentence, that worried me a bit"

"Well, no I don't know exactly what I'm doing, in fact I've no idea, but I've seen it happen loads of times, and besides Danny knows what to do"

All eyes spun to Danny who was holding two bit's of wire.

"Hi" he said "do you know how to wire this plug?" he asked Mark

"Oh my God we're all going to die!" Sarahlee shouted

"Hey relax, OK" Danny said "I'm sure Mark can wire a plug safely"

A full hour later they had the plug wired, and the machine functioning. It produced a strange whirring sound, which sounded like a fan, but there wasn't one attached to it.

Danny tapped a few buttons on the side of the machine and it buzzed loudly. He turned to look at Emma.

"What is my pass-code?" Everyone stared at him "Hey I forget things easily"

"0330" Emma said

"You can't remember a 4 digit number" Laura burst

"No, leave me alone, I'm a ace fighter and highly trained professional"

"Yeah speaking of which, you never told us what your highly trained in" Sarahlee asked

"No, I never" replied Danny

"Are we ready to go" Emma asked

"Yes" was the reply from everyone

"Let's go then" Danny said

He punched a few more buttons on the console, failing that he gave the machine a good kick.

They saw vibrations coming from the machine and before their own eyes they saw a room appear in-front of them. It was almost as if someone had painted a door on the wall and opened it.

"Just one question, how do we get back once we're in?" Chebby asked

"Oh well there's a machine at the other side, so we use that" Danny replied

"What if there isn't or theirs a problem with it?" Chebby asked, concerned

"Well that's a risk we're going to have to take, do you think that Jonny and Harvey are worth it?" Danny said

As an answer Chebby walked through the 'porthole'. The others followed him.

As they emerged on the other side they all grouped together. As Emma had described it was just like walking through a door, only not a door.

"Now" Danny started "We need to find them as quick as possible, but I don't recommend that we split, Emma and me are the only people that know the dangers of this world and we need each other to fight them. I know this will look almost exactly like your world, but it's not and I don't want any of you getting separated from the group, so stick together and watch your backs."

They had emerged in the field that Mark and Chebby had run across to escape. Danny had chosen this place because he knew it was near to the warehouse and a lot safer than emerging in any other place on this planet, they could see all around them, safe from any one sneaking up on them.

They slowly made their there way to the warehouse, when they got to the front door Danny knocked on it, as it had on Chebby's earth the man slid open the gap and looked through.

"Hi" Danny said "We're from the rebellion group, we've just popped by to kill a few people and get back our mates, if you could open the doors please and tell us where the prisoners are being held, I'd be very grate-full" Danny asked politely

The little strip of metal was slid back and the doors opened slowly, to everyone's amazement. Before they where fully open, everyone could clearly see that there was more than one man there and he wasn't unarmed.

"Don't be foolish" Danny said

Before they knew what was going on, Danny and Emma had managed to get the various guns off what turned out to be four men.

Danny turned around and said to them to help themselves, and that this was there chance to show them what they could do.

Before they had to time to think four men where rushing toward the four of them. Mark went straight for the first one after he had stunned him with a quick jab to the head he put his hand up his back and pulled out Chebby's knife, he tossed it to Chebby.

"Here you might want this back" he said

Chebby had already got to work on the man that was after him, he had kicked him in the chest and while the man was sent sprawling back he caught the knife that was sent from Mark. As the man came back for him he hesitated with his knife, he could have killed the man right there and then but he couldn't. He had wasted his chance, the man kicked his knife away from him, now they where equal.

Laura was pummelling the man that was after her, Sarahlee on the other hand was having a bit of difficulty. After the others had knocked out their opponents, they turned to help Sarahlee. She had almost been caught by the man that was chasing her, she had been running all over the place. Mark grabbed hold of him and brought him to the floor. Danny came running over and picked the man up with Chebby. They both grabbed an arm each and held the man still.

"Go on" Danny said "Do your worst"

"What?" Sarahlee asked

"Come on hit him" Emma urged

Sarahlee looked the man in the eye and then punched him in it, the man chuckled then spat at her.

She took this personally and applied a swift kick to his nuts, at the same time, unbeknown to Sarahlee the man got Chebby's knife in his back, placed there by Danny. Chebby took it out, and the man fell to the floor.

"Wow" Sarahlee said "I must have hurt him"

Before she could see Chebby stuck his knife through his belt.

"Well not bad" Danny said "Although Cheb, don't hesitate next time, remember these people are evil, they wouldn't hesitate to kill you if they got half the chance"

"I know, I just don't think that I can kill"

"I understand, but you may have to"

"Come on" Emma urged "We've wasted enough time already, let's get going"

They proceeded into the building, it looked exactly like the one on their world, but they knew different. They started to search the rooms one by one, with no joy.

They thought it strange that they never run into anyone on the way, but they weren't complaining. Then they got top the end of the corridor and the last door.

Danny turned around to face the gang.

"This looks like the last room so they will probably be in here, me and Emma will go in first, if we need your help we'll shout, if we're not back in five minutes…just wait longer"

Danny pushed the door open and he ran in, after him Emma ran in as well. The gang heard a lot of scuffling going on in the room, a few minutes later the scuffling ceased and then Emma and Danny burst out of the room, without Harvey and Jonny.

"Run" Emma gasped.

Not waiting for an explanation they ran from the room and back down the corridor, the way they had come. They got to the doors of the warehouse only to find them closed.

"Crap" Danny shouted "Quick try to open the doors"

They all ran to the door and tried to open it, they could find no panel to operate it from and no amount of tugging would open it.

"Crap" Danny repeated

"What happened in there?" Chebby asked

"Well it turns out that we busted in on their tea break and they weren't too happy about it" Danny explained.

"How many?" Laura asked

"About 8 or 10" Emma replied "And that's just the ones we saw, I'm guessing that there going to bring there mates when they come for us"

"Oh Crap" Chebby said

"Tell me about it" Danny said

There was no time to make a plan, it was everyone for themselves. The men came running round the corner, all looking rather fierce and narked off.

"Yikes" Sarahlee said

Chapter 3

"Come on, come on" Phil said. He was sat at his cramped desk in his little basement. Staring at the computer screen in front of him.

There where two other people in the room, Rob and Kevin.

They where waiting for a message from their boss, Danny, they where squadron D, and they where becoming very impatient.

"Take it easy" Kevin said who was playing darts with Rob

"Yeah" Rob agreed "They'll call when they need us, no sooner no later, just take this as a good sign"

"Yeah I suppose" Phil said, although he didn't really believe it.

Phil was the same age as Danny and the rest of the gang although he looked a lot younger (he was also from the same reality as Danny and Emma).

He was a medium sized lad with dazzling blue eyes, he looked average in every way. Although looks can be deceiving.

Rob and Kevin where younger than Phil by two years. They where twins, and looked more or less the same, only Rob was a bit shorter and slightly more well built than his brother. They had longish blonde hair and could remain remarkably cool under pressure, which really annoyed Phil, who panicked at nearly everything. That's what annoyed Phil now, How could they keep there cool when there planet was on the brink of destruction?

Well at least that they where doing something about it now, they could make a difference. But then again…No, No they would make a difference. Phil thought to himself. They had to, just had to.

"Yes" Kevin shouted, he had just hit the bulls eye, sealing the match for him.

"Oh well" Rob said "It was close this time though"

"Oh yeah real close, you nearly beat me…honest"

"What are you talking about, I did"

"Yeah the scores where close, but I could have won the match whenever I wanted to" Kevin boasted

"Will you two just stop arguing, you're like a couple of kids"

"Hey compared to you we are" Rob said

"Yeah, cut us some slack" Kevin agreed

"Well I'm sorry, but at least I give a damn about this world, look at you two, Danny could call any minute and tell us to proceed with our plans, and you two are messing about playing darts"

"Wow, don't get your knickers in a twist" Rob said "When the call comes we'll be ready"

"Yeah, and besides, what can we do now any way, apart from sitting down getting all worried, and you seem to be doing enough of that for all of us" Kevin agreed

Their way of seeing things was extremely unique, and Phil hated it, because he knew they where right, but he couldn't help worrying, it was in his nature.

"Well I say that we do something while we are waiting" Phil said, thinking that it would be a good idea to do something different for a while, to take his mind off his impending doom.

Kevin offered him the darts.

"No I mean go out" Phil explained

"Er yeah great thinking, but we can't, as you said we could get a message at any moment"

"Oh well yeah, but one of you could stay here while me and the other go out" Phil suggested.

"Hmm, I don't know" Rob said

"Me neither, what if the message does come, we'll need to act fast, we can't waste time looking for each other"

"I suppose, oh well it was a good idea"

"Yeah for like a mentoe" Kevin said

"So what do we do then" Rob said

Phil picked up the darts.

"Well I'm gonna whup you two"

It was three days since Danny and Emma had gone to save the gang, when Phil, Kevin and Rob got the message. It wasn't from Danny though, nor was it from Emma.

Phil was back at his desk and Kev and Rob where in the middle of a game of darts when it came.

The screen flickered in front of Phil. He jumped up and shouted at the other two to be quiet.

"Hi" the person said from the other end "I'm Sarahlee"

Phil hit a few buttons on the keyboard and the image of a cute girl came up, only she had a large scar down the left side of her face.

"Hi" Phil replied "Where's Danny and Em"

"No time to explain, your orders are to proceed immediately with your plans"

"That's great and all" Phil said "But I need confirmation from Danny or Em to proceed with those orders, how do I know, your not a enemy"

"Well er, some things are dark, some things are light, kill the bad dudes 'cos I'm sick of there sight" Sarahlee said

"That's good enough for me" Phil replied and shutdown the computer.

"Well that was it, the time is now" Phil said turning round to face Rob and Kev.

"Gentle men, to your battle stations" Kev said for a joke, although it almost rang true.

They all went to get their own weapon.

Phil a small gun, a .44 magnum, and an axe. It was a strange weapon, but Phil loved it, ever since he had read lord of the Rings he had dreams of being Gimli the Dwarf.

Rob and Kev didn't have weapons as such, the had graduated from the same class as Danny and Em, so they didn't really need any extras, their body was there greatest weapon. Or that's what they said anyway. Phil begged to differ.

Their plan was simple, in theory. They where to sabotage the outpost in their area. This was a deserted mansion. They where to get in and destroy the reality machine, and take out as many of the evil people as possible. This was the plan at least, but they where just four people and there was more than that there.

As they travelled to the mansion. With Kev driving his van. Phil thoughts turned to Sarahlee.

Who was she, What was she doing, Where was Danny, How did she know the pass-phrase.

Too many questions, he thought, too little time. Maybe.

Hopefully he would he would find the answers to his questions, if not that would probably mean he would be dead, or everyone else would be.

They where approaching the mansion, they had been watching it for some time, so they knew a safe place to hide the van. They also knew the best place to enter.

"Remember, nice and quiet, the more damage we can do without getting caught the better" Phil said as a final piece of advice

"Gotcha" Rob said

"Kev?" Phil asked

"Sure thing 'boss'"

"I'm not your boss" Phil said "Just the smartest" he quipped

"Then let's go" Phil said.

Chapter 4

They had got in the house without any problems, although the where faced with one now.

They had just destroyed the reality machine, well Phil destroyed it, with his axe. Now they where on the run, they had killed one person on their way in, if you could call him that, they where actually more zombies than anything else.

Now they where being chased by about 7 'zombies'. Under normal circumstances they would have stayed to fight, but these weren't normal circumstances. Kev had found some explosives in a room, along with some guns and other things, they never got any of the guns, but Kevin had got the timers and set them for 5 mins, that's when they had been surprised. Phil had got his axe stuck in the machine, so he emptied his gun on the people coming into the room, with Phil being a really bad shot, he only wounded the men and all but one, who was dead, could still chase them.

They where still running when the ran into even more guards, they had managed to take out the front 'zombies' but that still left 7.

They where reluctant to lead the men out of the house, because that would leave too many to chase them, but they had to be quick, the time was counting. They had to take out as many as they could.

"Upstairs" Phil shouted

"Are you insane, we need to get out of here" Rob replied

"Yeah but we need to keep them in here" Phil replied "If we can keep as many as we can in here , we can jump from the windows and leave them for dead" Phil gasped whilst running.

They all ran to the nearest set of steps, they had passed some on the way in so they knew where to go. They ran up the steps. When they got to the top Phil noticed that the carpet was loose.

"You two, find some weapons" he shouted.

As he was telling them they where all ready looking in rooms for perspective weapons. Phil waited until most of the men where on the steps and as they all got onto the carpet Phil pulled it up, it only knocked over one person, the one in the lead, but he collided into the next and so on.

Phil ran into the room that he saw them go in last.

"You two I bought us some time but not…" he trailed off as he saw what was in the room "What the hell!" he almost half shouted.

Before him he saw a mass of equipment. He saw boxes upon boxes of syringes, guns, and black outfits.

Rob and Kevin where all ready looking through the assortment of weapons.

"Cool isn't it" Rob said

"No it isn't" Phil replied

"What?" Rob and Kev replied

"No time" Phil said as he rushed towards the nearest box of guns. He picked up an Uzi that was on top. Pivoting towards the door just as it burst open he opened fire.

A few blood soaked seconds later, Rob Kevin and Phil where on a collision course with the ground. After having thrown them from the window. They landed hard but still managed to scuttle to a safe distance from the house. They all turned around to look at the mansion explode, but it didn't.

"How long did you set the timers for?" Rob asked Kevin

"Dunno, I thought it was 5 minutes" he said. Then the explosion went off.

"My watch must be slow" Rob said

"What did you mean back there?" Kev asked Phil

"I'll tell you later, when we get back to my place, and I've changed my pants" Phil said, Rob and Kev couldn't decide whether he was joking or not.

Later on they where back at Phil's place. Phil sat on the couch down in his basement. They always used the basement because that's their nerve centre, and the dartboard is down there.

Phil was holding an ice pack on his head, he had taken a knock somewhere in the fight. Kev and Rob where asking him about what he had said.

"So come on then" Kev was saying "What was so bad 'bout today"

"Well if you didn't notice, there was loads of stuff there"

"Yeah so" Rob said, Phil sighed.

"Look this is supposed to be the smallest outpost, right, and they had enough stuff back there to host a small war"

"And the moral of this story is" Rob said

"Well the 'moral', as you put it is that, there are more people needed to use all that stuff, we only saw 10 maybe 15 people max there tonight"

"So you're saying that there are still more people out there ready to rock the next world." Kev concluded

"Well yeah, but listen, who said that they have to be on this world, or even the good one, there's tonnes of world out there right, well who's to say that none have been 'visited' before now"

"What your saying is pretty scary, and personally I don't like to think about it" Rob said

"Scary as it may be but it is a possibility, we've only been working for Danny and Em for a few months, so they wouldn't give us a big job, and who knows what may have gone on before we arrived." Phil said

"Well I only know and care about one thing, and that's that we have done our job, and we're safe now" Rob said, rather selfishly.

"But are we, who can say, yeah we've done our job on this world and the next, and the next" Phil said

"Well I'm not ready to start on some kind of inter-dimensional escapade here" Rob said.

Kev could see that they where both getting a bit hot and bothered so he told them to calm it.

"Look" Kev said "We don't even know if what Phil is saying is true and your already arguing on what sort of actions to take, now, we need to contact Danny or Emma to tell them what's happened. So until we do we'll have to let our imaginations rest for a little while." He paused and saw that they where both listening to reason. "Now Phil call Danny and tell him what has happened. Then if he wants us to do any thing more then I'm sure he'll tell us to do so. If he doesn't tell us anything about what we have been thinking, offer our help, and say that I will fight to the bitter end!, what you two do is up to you" then he stormed out of the room.

"Well that told us" Rob said

"He's right you know" Phil said

"What about?" Rob asked

"Fighting to the bitter end"

Chapter 5

"Welcome to your first real fight" Danny shouted.

Danny and Emma ran toward to the group of men running towards them.

"Feel free to join in" Emma shouted

Mark and Chebby sprang into action, Chebby pulled out his knife and started swinging, Mark ran toward a man and kicked him to the floor, he went up to him and kicked him when he was down, right in the family jewels.

Laura went over to Sarahlee.

"Sarahlee, try and find a way out of here, we'll do all the fighting"

"But" Sarahlee protested

"Just do it" Laura shouted.

Laura spun around only to catch a boot in the face from a masked man. She recovered quickly, because she only just got caught and she was in mid spin. She caught the man off balance and managed to knock him out.

Sarahlee crawled over to one corner, out of the corner of her eye she saw a man running towards her, she froze, he leapt towards her foot first, just in the nick of time she ducked and the man was sent crashing through the wall.

"Phew" she said as she stood up, she turned around to look at the man, to make sure he wouldn't come back for her. To her amazement she saw that the hole created by the man led to a small room, and in the middle of it sat Jonny and Harvey, sat back to back bound and to each other and gagged. They looked as if they where unconscious. Sarahlee ran over to them, partly to see if they where OK, partly to get away from the fight.

"You two wake up, wake up" she shouted she got no response so she started work on the ropes that bound them together. She was halfway through the ropes when Jonny started to stir.

"You won't get anything from us bitch"

"I don't really want anything out of you" she replied

"What, Sarahlee, you found us…YOU found us"

"Yeah, great aren't I"

"Where's Chebby and Mark and Laura"

"Oh outside in the fight, but don't worry, they'll be safe with Danny and Emma, Danny's a great fighter"

"Oh good" Jonny said, he started to loose it again.

"No don't, I can't carry you out of here" she shook him, hard, he seemed to seem a bit better.

"Don't worry, I can walk, I'm shaken, not stirred"

"That's poor even for you, and your condition has nothing to do with it"

"Sorry, try waking Harvey he'll have a better one"

"Done it!" Sarahlee said triumphantly having got the ropes off, Jonny stood up, well at least he tried

"Jonny you stay here for now, try and wake Harvey and your legs, I've got to find a way out of here"

She ran back to the opening in the wall and went through, being careful to step over the kamikaze man.

Everyone else was still fighting and looked in pretty good shape, taking into account they where out numbered, but obviously not out classed.

She went over to the door and found a cable leading to one side, from the way she cam. She followed it back and discovered that it went through the wall, she went back into the secret room and found that there was a door in the corner. She opened it and to her surprise a man jumped out at her.

She let out a ear piercing scream and before she knew it she had been knocked over on the floor. Danny burst through the hole in the wall.

"You called" he said

He pounced on the man and in no time the man was running away, Danny through a penknife in his back.

"You found them then" Danny said

"Yeah and a way out"

"Well done" Danny complimented her

"Hi Jonny" Danny said

"Hi, you look well, considering you dead and all"

"Yeah. I'll explain later, come on let's get them out of here" he said

"Wait a min" Sarahlee said she went into the next room and flicked the switch marked 'door'.

Danny ran into the room carrying Harvey, Jonny followed with Sarahlee.

"Everyone out" Danny shouted, only to find that they where already on there way out.

"Where to?" Laura asked

"Good question" Danny said "Look get in that van over there"

They all ran over to a van that was in the parking lot, Jonny jumped into the back, after Danny had smashed the windows and he pulled Harvey in on top of him. Laura jumped into the back with Chebby and Mark and Danny and Emma got into the front. After a few minutes Danny had the engine going and they stormed away down the street.

"Well that was fun" Emma said

"Yeah great" Chebby said sarcastically

"Well done Sarahlee" Danny said "you did well I might have underestimated you"

"Might" Sarahlee said

"Well OK then I did"

"What's going on?" Jonny said

"Anyway" Mark said "How the hell are we going to get home, if I'm not mistaken we need one of those machine things to get back"

"Well actually you are mistaken" Danny said.

Everyone stared at him. He pulled into a small lane leading down to what looked like a old farm house.

"Look what I found" he said pulling a little black thing out of his pocket. It was about the size of a cigarette packet and it had a little panel on the front that flipped down, revealing some buttons and a LCD display screen.

"That's not what I think it is, is it" Emma said

"It certainly is" Danny said in a smug voice

"How on earth did you get it?, Is it real?, Does it work?" Emma asked

"Well, a man dropped it, It looks it and I don't know" Danny answered

"What's going on?" Jonny said

"What is it" Chebby asked

"Well I think it's a remote control for our machine back on the other world"

"Really" Mark said

"Hopefully" Danny said

"What's going on?" Jonny said

"But wait a minute, how do we know which machine it will control, won't it only work for a certain one" Laura said

"Well I've only ever seen the plans for one" Emma said "But if this has been built to the same specs as the plans I've seen. Then you should be able to enter the code for your own machine, or the one that you want to work, i.e. the one closest to your destination"

"Great" Mark said "What are you waiting for then" he said to Danny

"Well do you know the password to operate this and do you know the code for our machine"

"Well no" Mark said "But shouldn't you"

"Probably" Danny said

"What's going on?" Jonny said

"First of all I say we get to a safe place" Emma said "Then we can try to do this thing"

"Good plan" Danny said "How about that place" Danny said pointing to the house in front of them.

"Why not Emma said

Danny drove down to the small house and pulled up outside. He looked around for a place to hide the van but found none so he left it where it was.

Everyone got out a and went inside the house. They found it pretty much empty but in the kitchen they found that there was a table and some chairs.

They all got sat down and everything was explained to Jonny and Harvey, who had regained consciousness by this time. After a bit of discussion it was decide that they should stay put for the time being, Jonny would try to crack the code and Emma said she knew the number for their machine. While they waited the gang where full of questions for Danny and Emma. Most of them where along the lines of, What is the other me like, What happens if I meet the other me, Tell me all about me, tell me the things that happen in this world, and so on.

After a lot of conversation and about 1 hour Jonny claimed he had guessed the code. Actually he had just realise that the code was scratched onto the casing of the device, but he wasn't about to tell anyone that.

He handed the device to Emma and she inputted the code and passed it to Danny.

"Thanks" Danny said

"No prob's" Emma and Jonny said at the same time

"Here it goes" Danny said, he pressed the button and to his amazement a hole opened in front of him, leading to Laura's basement.

"Well I never believed it until now" Harvey said

"Neither did I" Jonny said

"Well we where shaken, not stirred" Harvey said, everyone laughed

Jonny looked at Sarahlee and they both shrugged.

"Everyone through then" Emma said

Everyone jumped through the porthole and into Laura's house.

"Cool" Jonny said

"Ditto" Harvey said

"Now we need to get to work" Danny said "That was the easy part, the worst is still to come, now we're all together we need to get to it"

"Agreed" Emma said

"Did we tell you all the plan"

"No" everyone replied

"Well in short, we have outposts all around, hopefully we've got one near each base of the bosses, we think we know when they are going to attack, so a day before they do we are going to take out each and everyone of there out posts, with our squadrons. Now we have got everyone covered apart form the main one." Danny said

"Yeah we know all that but what is the actual plan" Laura said

"Well, we need to tell the other groups to go at the same time that we do, then we all go down to the enemy base, and kick the crap out of the evil dudes, then we make a big explosion with all the bombs we've got." Danny said

"That's it" Laura said

"Well obviously it's a bit more complicated than that, but I was just dumbing it down for Sarahlee" Danny said

"Seriously then what's the full plan" Chebby said

"That's all you need to know" Emma said

"Hey if there's something your not telling us, I think we have a right to know" Chebby said

"If we survive we'll tell you" Danny said

"I look forward to it" Mark said positively

"Good" Danny said.

"Right are we all ready then" Emma said

She looked at them all, they where all kited out in the same skin tight PVC, black with the silver insignia above the right breast. Sarahlee was sat at a desk in the corner. The others where all grouped together, Danny was handing out some weapons it was the strangest assortment of weapons that the gang had ever seen, they ranged from swords/large knives, much in the style of Chebby's to laser guns.

"Ready" Danny said as he finished handing the gang a weapon each, baring Chebby who had already got his knife.

"Ready" the rest of the gang repeated.

"Sarahlee" Emma said "Are you sure you know how to send messages to everyone?" she asked

"Yep" she replied

"And you know the password in case no-one believes you"

"Sure do" she replied

"Good" Danny said "Now when the jobs have been done everyone will be reporting in"

"I know, I've to take down all the reports and contact you if there are any problems, you've told me like a thousand times already"

"Good, I'm just making sure"

"Let's go then" Emma said

they all went out the door and found themselves in the street.

After they had got back to Laura's house they had recovered and the went to Danny and Emma's hideout, that's where they had all got kited out and got their weapons etc.

Now they where stood in the street, they all started to walk down the street in a line. The enemy's hideout was within walking distance and according to Danny there was no place to park the van even if they did take it.

Danny led them down a few side streets and they came out to a old looking factory, it's windows where all boarded and the doors seemed to be boarded up too.

"How do we get in" Jonny asked

"There's a safe place round that corner, from there we can get onto a small roof type thing and then through a window, it's safe so don't worry, I checked it out before"

"Good" Harvey said "The last thing we want is to be confronted when we have just got in"

"Yeah my thinking exactly" Danny said

"Come on" Emma said "No time for chit-chat"

They proceeded and went to the place that Danny had described, as he had said they got onto the roof with no bother, then they went through the window. They came out on the other side in a empty room.

"Where are we now then" Mark asked

"Dunno" Danny said "This room leads out onto a corridor. I know where the boss is, so I think we should split up now. I'll go after the boss, you lot can split up into groups of two, set the bombs like I told you, and remember set them for ten minutes. Your watches will bleep when someone else has set one, so you should set yours about then. Then you'll have ten minutes to get out, and remember, do as much damage as you can!"

"I agree" Emma said "But Danny I'm coming with you"


"Yes" Emma cut him off "We've been through a lot together, we'll finish this together"

"Well OK then" Danny reluctantly agreed

"Can you count" Mark said

"Yes, why" Danny said

"Oh it's just that there's five of us"

"In that case you can either make a three or a two and a one, you decide I'm off"

With that Danny and Emma ran out of the room and off down the corridor.

"I'll go with Laura" Chebby said

"Well I want to go it alone, it's only right, after all I'm the only one of us that doesn't belong, the rest of you should be together" Mark said

"So that's agreed then" Jonny said

No one answered this, no one even said goodbye. Although this was the last time that they could see each other, in some way they thought that if the didn't say good bye that it wouldn't be.

They went into the corridor, Chebby and Laura took the left route, whilst Jonny and Harvey took the other, Mark followed Cheb and Laura for a while then at the next turn they split.

Chapter 6

Having separated from Mark. Chebby and Laura proceeded down the corridor. They held on to each others hand, half for nerves, half for other reasons. After not too long of walking they came to a door. They both stopped and looked at each other, without saying a word they decided to go in. Chebby slowly turned the handle and opened the door.

He looked in first. Nothing. Just a few boxes and cases. He stepped in to examine them further. They appeared to be clothes and various weapons. And lots of them. With no hesitation he took a lighter out of his pocket and threw it on the clothes. He stepped back into the hallway and proceeded walking with Laura.

"I knew that I'd walk down the aisle one day with you" Laura said to Chebby

"I often thought of that too" Chebby said in response

The next door they came to they did the same, not speaking and entering slowly. In this room they found two guards guarding a machine. They soon took care of them and swiftly destroyed the machine.

This became a pattern, opening doors and destroying the contents.

Eventually they came to a large room at the end of the corridor. In the room there where lots of cages along the walls. In the centre of the room was a larger version of the machine that they where now quite familiar with.

"What do you think then, great isn't it" A voice floated across out of nowhere. It was a woman's voice, Laura recognised it immediately

"Who's that" Chebby shouted

"I'm surprised you don't recognise me, well my voice, especially you Laura" the voice replied.

"I know you, Amy" Laura answered

"Good you should, besides it would be a lot less fun killing you if you didn't know"

You seem to be forgetting one thing" Chebby shouted

"Ah yes you, the lovely Chebby, I could never understand why you two never got it together, oh well I don't suppose there's much chance now, not with your deaths coning any minute now"

"Wait a minute, you're my sister" Laura shouted "The one from my world"

"Yes, and you thought I was at Uni, you know you really was thick"

"Bitch" Chebby muttered

"Hey" another voice joined the conversation "That's my Amy you're talking about"

"What?" Laura said "Chebby that's you"

"Well spotted" Chebby replied "Maybe you not that dumb after all, what do you think Amy"

"Well to walk into our little trap like this, they can't be the pick of the crop" Amy replied

"What trap?" Chebby asked.

As if by response the machine in front of them whirred and a beam came out and stunned Laura, Chebby having fast reflexes managed to jump out of the way and he rolled behind some boxes at the side. Thinking quickly he pulled out the explosives and set them at the side on the side of the box. He rolled and looked out to find Laura. She was being pulled away by Amy, he took out his knife and was on the verge of throwing it when someone hit him from behind. He rolled forward and managed to turn to face his assailant, it was him.

Amazed at how much the same they where Chebby froze. A fist brought him back round. Having lost his weapon from the first hit he spun around to reach for it, it was no good he couldn't quite reach it and the fact that he was being pulled from behind by his double it was kinda impossible.

Turning around again to face him he managed to break free, he jumped up only to be knocked back again. This time he was close enough to his weapon. He grabbed it and swung around with it, he just caught himself in the mid-section. Having sent his double flying back he ran forward brandishing his knife, he run his double through.

'He must be dead now' he thought, his attention immediately turned to Laura, he glanced at his watch, 5 minutes to go. Just enough time, maybe.

He looked for Laura, nowhere to be seen. The only place he thought that they could be was upstairs. He ran over to the steps, he took them three at a time.

There, he could see Amy leaning over Laura at the end of the landing, it looked as though she was trying to get her into a cage, Laura seemed to be protesting. He ran as fast as he could and shoved Amy off the edge. She landed head first. Chebby picked up Laura who was just coming around.

"Is she dead" She asked

"If she's not she will be in two minutes, and so will we if we don't hurry"

Chebby carried Laura to the door and made his way out.

Chapter 7

Harvey and Jonny walked down the corridor.

"So what do we do now?" Harvey asked

"Well we need to destroy everything in our path and make our way out" Jonny said.

"Simple" Harvey said


They came to a door and decided to go in, the found that it was occupied by several men. They shot or rather stunned them with their lasers before they knew they where in the room. Harvey decided to play with his laser by lining the men up by the wall and shoot each one on a different setting. His favourite was setting 5. This one was a very thin beam, however it went straight through the object (person). It didn't kill them immediately, so the person didn't have it easy before he died. Jonny's favourite was setting 2. This one was a short blast that killed the person very quickly.

After some further experimenting the went on to the next room, in this they found lots of clothes and weapons, they destroyed these and went on to the next, there they found the same, this was repeated for about four or five rooms.

At the next room they found it to be empty, finding this strange they decide to examine it further. After examining every corner they decided to move onto the next. Trying the door they found it to be locked.

A voice crackled over some speakers, probably built into the ceiling Jonny thought.

"So you decided to call in, you may have destroyed a large part of our plan, but it will only slow down slightly the inevitable, still it was a valiant effort"

Their watches bleeped. At the same time a green coloured gas came through the ceiling.

"If that was your ten minute timer then that is a shame, for now when the gas kills you after 15 mins you will already be dead, oh well, you can't win them all"

"Simple eih" Jonny said

"Yep" Harvey said "Setting 5 on the door, I'll take the wall with there being no windows"

The door proved to be too strong for Jonny, he turned to help Harvey and found him laying on the floor.

"Oh great, he's passed out" Jonny said

It was true that the gas was making him dizzy, although it must have affected Harvey more then him.

Jonny turned his laser to the wall, taking off from where Harvey had stopped. In a few minutes he had a hole made, thankfully the gas started to pour outside, it didn't seem to help Harvey though for he still laid there unconscious. Jonny dragged him over to the hole. They where one floor up yet he could see no other choice so he glanced at his watch, 30 seconds left.

He jumped carrying Harvey.

Chapter 8

Mark glanced over his shoulder and saw that Laura and Chebby where holding hands. He chuckled to himself.

In front of him he saw a figure walking towards him. He paused for a minute, then he heard his name being called.


"Yeah" he replied slowly

"My boy look at you"

"Who are you" Mark asked

"Don't you recognise me, I'm your creator." the man said

"You" Mark muttered

He charged towards the man, he collided with him and sent him rolling him backwards.

"You, DIV"

"Div" the man said "Where did that come from"

"I don't know"

"Well you always was polite my boy"

"Shut up you don't know me, and stop calling me your boy, because I'm not"

"Oh but you are" The man moved his head from the shadows.

"Dad" Mark muttered

"Yes, my boy"

Mark couldn't believe it. It was his own dad that had done this to him. His own dad.

"Will this make it hard for you to kill me" his dad asked

"What kill you, why would I do that"

"You don't know do you, well I had better tell you, I'm Jeff Gold, the creator of these machines"

"You, what so that means that"

"Yes you're from this world, along with your good old Dad"

"I don't understand" Mark said he was clearly shocked, he slumped down next to the wall.

"Well, about 20 years ago, I perfected my prototype, I brought you over with me on my first jump, only we had no way to get back. Due to the fact that I had to start from scratch, bring up you and work with inferior equipment it took me a while to get back to our world. I think you more or less know the story from there"

"Yeah I do"

"Do you know about Amy"

"No, who"

"Laura's twin sister, she works for me, good isn't it, she's evil, and guess what she's going to kill Laura."

"What no"

"Yes and guess what I've come to kill you"

"No, no this can't be true"

"Yes" his dad said he pulled out a knife from hi sheath and brought it down. Mark managed to get out of the way, well almost, he got a slice cut out of his ear.

Mark watch bleeped.

"Sorry dad, no time" With that Mark pulled out his laser and pulled the trigger on his dad, who promptly turned into a pile of dust.

"Cool" Mark muttered and he sat back down again. He stayed there.

Chapter 9

Danny and Emma where running down the corridor, they turned right after a while, the way that Mark was about to take.

"Aren't you worried about the others" Emma said

"Yes" Danny replied and left it there.

They got to the bottom of the corridor and came to a door. Danny paused before he went in.

"I love you Em"

"I know" she replied

"This could be it you know" Danny started

"I know" she cut him off

He pushed the door open.

"So you finally arrived then" A Irish accent said

"Sorry I took a while, but you know traffic is terrible at this time of year" Danny said

"Is Mark here" said a person sat in the corner

"Why" Danny said

"ANSWER" the man said

"Yes geez, don't get you knickers in a twist"

The man went out the door that they had just come through.

"I believe we have a dual to the death planned for about now" Emma said

"Oh yeah" Danny said that's right

The Irish man jumped down a set of steps from which he had been sat at the top of, on his throne.

"I make you late" he said

"Really" Danny replied "I make you dead"

Danny lunged forward and cracked the man in his jaw.

"Not bad you've been working on that left hook since we met last"

"Hey what about me" Emma said just before she kicked him in his head

"Well close, but no donuts" the man said

"Oh well"

A big fight followed, even though the man was outnumbered two to one he still managed to keep intact, despite Emma and Danny's best efforts.

Danny and Emma's watch bleeped.

"Ding you done" Danny said

"For" Emma finished off

They both hit him in the face at the same time, he was sent flying back, he put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a laser, he fired at Emma and she collapsed immediately.

"Now you've really pissed me off" Danny said

He ran at the man and hit him in his torso. He was sent back again, and he lost his weapon.

"No you're pissing me off, just die will you"

"You first" Danny replied


"Then it looks like we've reached a stalemate" Danny told the man

"Not quite" The man pulled a knife out of his pocket and lunged at Danny, Danny quickly side stepped, he was just too slow, he was just caught in the mid-section.

Danny picked up his laser from the floor.

"Now you've done it" he said "This was my favourite outfit"

Danny shot but as he did the man moved out of the line of fire.

"You may have stopped me again, but I'll get my day soon" he said just before he pulled his device out and jumped worlds.

Danny ran over to Emma.

"You OK" he asked

"Yeah, just stunned, he jumped again" Emma asked

"Yeah but don't worry we'll get him next time"

"Now where've I heard that before" Emma said