When I first met you

All I knew was

I needed you forever

I love you

And I always will

I'm so thankful for that moment

That moment that passed so fast

And lasted forever

I'll never forget

They way you held me that night

If we never met

And I never knew you

I would be nowhere

I would be lost

Wandering aimlessly

Looking for the someone

I never knew

Because I never knew


I'm so grateful I know you

And if I never see you again

I'll still be happier then ever before

Just for that one moment

That I will never





In all my life

I never knew I could love so strong

All in one moment

My emotions so high

So confused

The last time I saw you

The first time we met

I'll never forget you

Or how much love you could show me

Without loving me at all

And I can't even talk to you now

Because I have nothing to say

I wish I could tell you everything

But you might not understand...

You've got to understand

I love you and I always will

But if I never see you again

I'd be happier than the happiest person

On all the earth

Because of one moment

That lasted