By:Andrew Troy Keller

There is always one question that's so clear:
Just exactly what is fear?
Of course,for some people,it could be
Something that you can't possibly see.
One of those people was a man named George Carpenter.

He had worked as an RTA tram operator
And before the one day after
Sunday,he had never missed a single day
Of work.But on that particular Monday,
Something evil had began to stalk George Carpenter.

On Monday night,George had handed the keys to the tram
To his RTA co-worker,Peter McCrann
And was about to head on home to his downtown apartment.
When the tram had left the station,George heard a sound that ment
Only one thing--a stray dog had been following the tram.

He had opened his backpack
And pulled his gun out of the pack.
He had aimed it at one of the tunnels and said,
However,something was sneaking behind George's back.

After there was a light tap on his shoulder,
George had turned around and saw her.
She was indeed a true raven-haired beauty,
As far as the eye could see.
Suddenly,George was unable to resist her.

After he had dropped the gun,
He had wrapped his arms around his newfound hun
And began to kiss her ever so passionately
On the lips,unaware of what she
really is--a creature whose humanity is none.

She was a vampire.
Now,George is her's--forever!