I look strong from the outside,
Yet I'm still weak in some ways.
I hate my weaknesses yet they remain,
As long as I live the days.

People still are able to hurt me,
Though just not as much,
And I try to stop my tears and see,
What in the hell is wrong.

I tell myself crying is weak,
I believe yet can't stop,
I try my hardest but still get hurt,
Like a piece of my heart got cropped.

I'm weak but I try to be strong,
But I can't help crying when I'm hurt,
Even though I know it's wrong,
It's making me too vulnerable.

I tell myself I don't care,
But some things still get to me,
I try to block them out,
But someone rips away the key.

And they make me cry and seem weak,
When I really am not and don't care,
Yet I do and everything becomes bleak,
And I hate such things.

I tell myself I'm weak when I cry,
And I truly try to never start,
But futility blocks my tries,
And I descend into the madness.

I punish myself if I cry,
It shows I'm still weak,
And I'm just such a sissy,
But I'm not a freak.

Let me stop crying for my own sake,
Let me be strong for my own health,
Let me never cry to highten the stakes,
Let me always be strong to never hurt.