I don't have the capability to love,
I live my days in an apathetic state,
But sometimes with clairvoyance from above,
I find myself holding love anyway.

In the dream world where anything can be,
That's when love captures my soul,
When I receive my heart's golden key,
And where love I behold.

It doesn't seem so bad when I dream,
But when I wake up it's all back,
My apathy and hate's insistent scream,
And my heart and love's lack.

I don't want love in my mind,
But my dreams capture it,
They make me wonder what I left behind,
The love I traded for my wit.

Love attacks me when I sleep,
My subconscious smiles and yearns to feel,
But my conscious hates the feelings so deep,
Because the emotion just isn't real.

I only love when I dream,
When I'm awake I feel null,
Love's knife holds a sharp gleam,
Don't think my life is so dull.

Not succumbing to love is my goal,
I yearn to be different from other souls,
I don't need love's lull,
To survive and live in this world so full.