I hide under a mask so real,
I make myself unable to feel,
And in the end it's all surreal,
This world and the life I live.

I can't ever be myself,
I'm like a mask on a shelf,
As imaginary as an elf,
No one knows the true me.

None of my friends sense my mask,
Nor what I consider important tasks,
They can't tell from the questions I ask,
It's all a facade.

I can't let anyone see the true me,
A little girl so unbelievably weak,
No one would believe what they see,
My mask hides my weaknesses.

Everyday I pretend I care,
When I don't, that is rare,
It's always been a standing dare,
When I act I'm real.

The things I act is when I'm true,
Things that don't kill me don't make me grew,
I'm a disguise through and through,
And I'll never let anyone in.

Even I haven't really looked inside,
Scared of what I've decided to hide,
Not that the rules I bide,
I just don't want to know.

In essence I'm just a mask, not real,
Don't ask me what's my deal,
This is the only way to keep me from feel,
I can't let emotions carry me away.

So I live under a mask and carry out the day,
My mask so rough, it reflects the sun's rays,
While underneath I silently lay,
Knowing I can never leave.