People ask me questions,
I give a nonchalant answer,
Words don't mean a single thing,
They're just tools and nothing more.

People ask me things,
My answers are my lies,
The only way I keep myself alive,
No one can access my core.

Words are supposed to tell the truth,
Yet no one cares,
Do I need to show any proof,
That people no longer believe?

My answers never mean a thing,
I use them to get away,
Yet everyone still trusts,
Yeah, it's a relief.

I say stuff to shoo people away,
So that I can have my peace,
But hardly ever do anyone believe my piece,
Especially when I'm not lying.

Words are nothing but lies,
They've been manipulated by brutes,
The cutting edges make people cry,
Yet the lies people are still buying.

Words have been misused too much,
They don't mean anything anymore.
Time to find a new way to speak,
Before we all start to go insane.