Nikki glanced at herself in the mirror one last time before heading out the door. Her long auburn hair was pulled into a loose ponytail in an attempt to keep it out of her face. She grimaced as she remembered years as a child, having her hair pulled in an attempt to manage the unruly curls. The length she had now, helped weigh it down and the spirals lay a bit better but wind would have it out of control in a no time. Her heart shaped face was thin and had very little make up on it. She swiped on a bit of lip-gloss and wrinkled her freckled nose. Would their baby have her nose? What about her hands? She held out her long slender fingers for inspection. Her nails were clipped short and her cuticles were pushed back nicely. The pale pink polish was beginning to chip and she placed "paint nails" on her ever growing list of to do's. Standing back a bit she looked at the rest of her body.

She wasn't overly thin but she was fit. Her arms and legs were evidence that she lifted weights on occasion. Her mother had flabby arms and she swore to herself she never would. Her jean shorts hung a little on her hips, she'd never had big hips. Would that change? She smiled as she looked up at her small breasts. Rumor had it that women usually gained in this area. Would her 34B's finally get a little meat? A giggle escaped her mouth.

"What a dope. I think I've gone nuts."

A knock at the door interrupted her thoughts. "Were you talking to me?"

"Nope." Swinging open the door, she headed to the closet to get her sandals. "I was just thinking about what our baby would look like."

"That's easy. He'll have my muscles and your hazel eyes. Definitely my hair." He reached a hand up and ran it through his black locks.

"And what if she's a girl?"

"She'll still have my hair, but maybe my blue eyes and your pretty pout."

"I do not pout." She grumbled sticking her bottom lip out.

"Sure. Okay." They smiled warmly at each other.

"That new shirt looks nice on you." She looked down at the peach tank top she was wearing.

"Thank you. I wasn't sure when I bought it. You know me and shopping. Not color coordinated at all."

"Trust me. I know." His mind whirled to a time a few years ago when she had tried to purchase him a new outfit for Christmas. Clash didn't begin to describe it. "Do you have plans for dinner tonight?"

"Not really."

"Would you have dinner with me, this evening? I would like to sit down and really discuss some stuff."

"I would love to. What time?" Having found her sandals and slipping them on, Nikki stood up and grabbed her purse.

"5:30? That give you enough time?"

"Yes. I'll see you then." She walked over to him and enveloped him in a tight hug, then reached up and kissed him on the cheek. "Have a great day."

Cliff slowly reached his hand up and touched the place on his cheek and smiled.

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