All the rest of that week, Aki told me no... He said it was a school night. But, at least every night he'd still let me sleep in the same bed as him, and every morning he'd get up and take a cold shower. I hated that he locked the bathroom door...

But.... It was Friday evening again, and he owed me some kind of something for our one week anniversary. I already knew what I wanted to give him... I'd been trying to give it to him all week.

So I'm just laying on my stomach on his bed, kicking my legs back and forth, and holding the killer kamikaze pillow. Nothing special. I'm just dressed normal. If what I'd been doing all week wasn't good enough, then I was going to play hard to get.

Yuki was actually starting to fall asleep. He was bored, he was mad, and oh was he ever going to be bitchy when Aki got home. As if on cue, he heard a car pull into their driveway. He perked up for a moment, ready to welcome Aki home, when he remembered that he was still mad. He shook his head, and buried his face in the pillow.

The steps were coming up the stairs now, and Yuki found it strange that the steps seemed double Aki's normal pace, but it took him the same time to get there. What... Is he going up three, and then down two..?

There was a knock on the door, and the knob jingled lightly. Yuki, why is the door locked?

Go away! I hate you! Yuki buried his head in the pillow once more. He hadn't intended to sound that childish, but hey... Whatever worked.

Yuki, please open this door.

I-! Wait... That was a different voice than the first one... Come to think of it... Neither of them were Aki's voice... Unless of course he had just hit puberty backwards to get the second one. M-mom? Dad?

He scrambled out of the bed, tripping when he got his foot caught in one of the sheets, and falling with a rather loud thud, taking most of the bed with him. He stood up, dusted himself off, and opened the door.

Yuki's parents were standing in the door way, both wearing business suits, with quizzical looks on their faces. You look horrible, he mother said blandly. And this room is a mess. I thought you boys were responsible.

Yuki only nodded slowly, and was about to respond, when his father interrupted him. What was that all about?

Yuki paused. It seemed really stupid now, and his parent would probably think he was still twelve, not that they hadn't already... I thought you were Aki.

Simultaneously, they looked at one another, and then his mother turned and walked away, most likely down stairs to her room or to the kitchen. We're in town for a day or so. Business, his father said shortly, before walking away as well.

Yuki stared where they had been for a moment, as though they might still come back and say We love you,' or hug him. When they hadn't come back, and he heard another car pull into the driveway, he walked back into the room, and closed the door. With one giant tug, he did his best to yank all the sheets and pillows back onto the bed, before falling back on it himself.

He closed his eyes as he heard footsteps come up the stairs. He knew for sure they were Aki's, after having waiting to hear that same noise every Friday for a long, long time. He heard the door slowly being pushed open. He hadn't bothered to lock it again.

Aki asked softly, closing the door behind him. He felt his weight shift as Aki sat down next to him on the bed. Let Aki think he was asleep. Let Aki feel bad for the rest of his li-

Yuki's eyes immediately shot open when Aki leaned down and kissed him. Aki pulled away, looking down at Yuki strangely. Yuki sat up, glaring, and was about to chew him out, when he noticed something, and instead grabbed Aki's hand.

You're bleeding! Yuki practically squeaked in shock. Aki pulled his hand away, and was about to say something, when Yuki ran off into the bathroom.

He came back to find Aki laying on the bed, his eyes closed. Immediately, he grabbed Aki's hand again, and started cleaning the blood away, and rubbing disinfectant on it. This might sting...

Not opening his eyes, Aki halfheartedly threw a pillow at Yuki's head, which missed completely. You're supposed to say that before you put it on, dummy.

Oh... Right... Yuki frowned, and began to wrap gauze around Aki's knuckles. Mom and Dad... Mom and Dad are home.

Aki slowly opened his eyes, and didn't say anything for a long moment... Oh. That's... Nice

Yuki gave a small, sad smile, and stood up to put the remnants of his medical supplies onto the night stand. He made a small noise when Aki wrapped his arm around his waist, and pulled him down onto the bed with him.

Yuki wined, squirming in his arms. Stop it. Let me go! I'm mad at you! Aki just closed his eyes and nodded.

Aki yawned. Shut up and go to sleep. Yuki did his best to glare at Aki from his current position, but then gave up, and sighed, resting his head on Aki's chest. He wasn't really even mad any more, any ways.

He gave a small smile before snuggling closer into Aki's arms, closing his eyes, and falling asleep.

In the middle of the night, Aki woke up so violently, that Yuki woke up too, which was just as well, as Aki wanted him to hear this anyway. Yuki... Oh my god... Yuki!

Yuki asked groggily, hitting Aki sleepily on the chest for having woken him up at... He looked over at the clock. One twenty-three! He groaned.

Yuki... My god, Yuki... Our parents are home! Yuki groaned, and buried his face into Aki's chest once more, intending to sleep now, and kill later. No... Yuki! Don't you get it?

Yuki said, aggravated. I get it! You're insane! No talkie, more sleepie!

No..! Yuki! Aki grabbed Yuki, and pulled him up to face him. Yuki, what if I hadn't left..?

Yuki stared at him. What are you- Oh... Oh! Aki, I'm sorry! I'm so, so sorry!

What..? Now I'm confused. Why are you sorry..?

Yuki sighed, laying down again. It would have been all my fault.

No... No it wouldn't. I'm your big brother... I should be more responsible. Either way, lets just agree to disagree, Aki said softly, pulling himself out from under Yuki.

Blinking, Yuki rolled over on his stomach, and stared at Aki. Where are you going?

To bed... He said softly, sitting down on his own bed. My bed. They each sat on their beds, staring at one another. I'm sorry, Yuki... Aki said, giving a half hearted grin. Yuki smiled back, and hit Aki square in the face with the killer kamikaze pillow.

Yuki was giggling like and idiot, and Aki fell back on the bed for the second time that night, and covered his face with the pillow. Oh, just shut up and go back to sleep already...

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