Dangerously Illogical

Chapter Four:  All I Have

By Selenity Jade ()


I waited until I heard the front door shut softly before breathing a sigh of relief.  That man *scared* me.  I was a big trembling ball of nerves at the moment, and I wasn't sure what to feel at the moment.  The foremost feeling was fear, though.  He had been near her house *again*.  Where he had no business to be.  He was like some sort of crazy stalker!

I glanced around the room I was in warily, as if something might jump out at me.  My mind once again wandered to the reason I was here in the first place.  That... man on the steps to my house.  I had never before seen anything so positively creepy.  Well, except for the impossibly beautiful man who saved me.

What could have possibly possessed me to allow him to take me away from my home, even *with* the creepy incident in front of my apartment?  You didn't just go home with some stranger!  It was dangerous!

What was more, this Vincente *felt* more than dangerous.  The way he moved, the way he spoke and the way he watched me scared the daylights out of me.  It was as if he were from another world entirely.

But he didn't hurt me.  That was more than I could say if I had tried to approach the man hidden in the shadows outside of my house.  I was positive *that* man would have hurt me, or worse.

I didn't know if the person had been waiting for me specifically or what, but right now that didn't much matter.  What mattered was that I was alone in a strange man's apartment, and I didn't really have much of a choice about trusting him currently.

He was the only one I could trust. 

I didn't know what was worse.  That my life was so messed up the only person I could trust was a crazy stalker, or that I needed the protection of a crazy stalker.

He was all I had.

I had never felt as alone as I did in that moment.  I curled onto my side in the bed, pulling up that one blanket to cover me.  I closed my eyes, and pulled my legs to my chest, in a sort of fetal position.  I was scared and alone, and I didn't know what else I could do.

So I wept.


I woke up feeling tired.  It was as if I hadn't even slept.  And my eyes felt swollen and gritty from crying myself to sleep.  It wasn't a good way to start the day.  And I still had to figure out how to go back to my apartment to get a clean pair of work clothes before I left for my shift at the hospital.  I wasn't even sure if it *was* safe to go back to gather some clothes.  I glanced at the digital clock beside the bed, and sighed, realizing I had a good four hours until I had to be at work.  It was enough time to wash the clothes I was wearing now, but I couldn't go to the laundry mat, I didn't have anything to change into while I washed these. 

I only hoped that strangely gorgeous man had a washer and dryer here.  Though honestly, I couldn't imagine him doing anything as domestic as washing clothes.

I pulled back the covers and slipped out of the bed nervously.  I half expected him to jump out at me; I was strung that tight.  But nothing happened, and I was able to make my way through the fairly extensive apartment to find that yes, indeed, he did have a washing machine.

I made sure the doors and windows were locked – I didn't want Vincente showing up unexpectedly while I was undressed – and quickly shed my clothing and put them into the machine.  I turned in on, and settled down in front of the TV with a blanket, to wait.


After my uniform dried, I quickly dressed, and fled the strange apartment.  I didn't want to stay there any longer than necessary and I needed to get to work.  I knew tonight would drag on for me.  I knew I'd jump at every shadow, but I had to go.  I couldn't hide in the apartment of some strangely beautiful man until he killed me, or whatever.

I had to do something, something normal.

I just had to.


I came alive that evening.  The alertness returned all at once, with none of the confusion that sleep often left.  I sat up, gracefully sliding out of the bed.  I found myself suddenly ravenous.  I needed to feed.  And soon, before I lost all control of myself.

I hadn't fed the night before due to the run-in with whatever had decided to park itself outside of my woman's home.  I had left her in my apartment with barely enough time to make it home, and I hadn't found anyone on the way to kill.

It was unnerving that I could have foregone feeding for anything short of my death.  But I had.

For her.

I snarled, an animalistic growl of rage filling my bedroom.  I cut it off quickly.  I knew better than to let my emotions rule me.  It was the hunger.  It had to be.

It had better be.


Next Chapter:  Vincente and Vicki meet once again, only this time, he walks her home to pack some clothes for a few days.  Will they run into anything unexpected?  Will Vincente lose control enough to let Vicki know what he is?

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