Como se dice! By Zackary Keegan

One day in Honors Spanish 1, Senora Happy was clearly and utterly having a nervous breakdown. "Como se dice? Como se dice?" she demanded. "Como se dice que?" asked the class. "COMO SE DICE?!" she roared. She began pulling out her hair. "Que haces?" asked Diego. "Como se dice?" she responded. She jumped up on her desk and began doing the Chicken Dance. "Que haces?" asked Travioso. "Como se dices?" she asked. She began flying around the room, searching frantically for the lost parakeet that flew away in Main one day and eventually died somewhere in the classroom. "Que haces?" asked Julieta. "Como se dice!" she screamed. She put her head in the sink and turned the water on. The door slammed open and Mr. Politi appeared. "Que ahora?" Francisco asked. "Ah! Senora Happy! I have missed you!" he yelled to her from across the room. Mrs. Happy stopped the gushing water, lifted her head, and cocked it to the side. "Como?" she asked. "Come! Vamos a mi casa en Ecuador para podemos hacer mad passionate love todo los dias!" "Ah! No quiero esperar! Yo soy muy corneo! Fuck me ahora!" she yelled. She jumped on the desk and spread her legs wide- her dress and the fact that she coincidentally wore no underwear that day gave the classroom a fine view. "No me digas!" Mr. Politi screamed and his kielbasa cock began to grow to the extreme- measuring that of two inches. "Awww, que lastima!" Mrs. Happy pouted. "Como?! Es muy frio! Es solo SHRINKAGE!" he protested. "No me gusta!" Mrs. Happy yelled, slamming her hand on the desk. She licked her lips and nodded towards her crotch. "Ahora!" she demanded. "No me gusta! Tan furry!" Mr. Politi said. "Como?" Mrs. Happy asked, "Como se dice NEEDLEDICK?!" "Como se dice SHAVE ALREADY!" Mr. Politi shot back. The students gasped, shocked to hear their teachers speak such a conversation, but as soon as it started, it ended and the two Spanish teachers began to make mad passionate sex on the desk in front of Nico y Miguel. "NO ME GUSTA!" roared the class. And with a gigantic roar and a soft purr of satisfaction from Mr. Politi- it was all over. Mr. Politi was obviously a "quick draw". Nine months later, little 'Bebetta' was born and began teaching Spanish at the local Y. El fini.