By:Andrew Troy Keller

At first,he was only known as John Lexington and he was nothing more than just a factory worker for the LTV Steel Corperation.
But then,the corperate heads of LTV Steel had filed for bankruptcy and closed the Cleveland steel mills,leaving those who had worked there out of work.
And after he had looked for other types of work without much success,he had recieved a visit from the FOX-TV executives,who were looking all over the country for someone to be JOE MILLIONAIRE for the 2003-2004 season.
And since he was in desperate need of cash,John had no choice,but to agree to the FOX executives' offer.
After a few courses in how to act like a millionaire,they had flown John to London,England,where an elegant-looking mansion was awaiting the(ahem)return of its master,John Lexington.
And inside the mansion,ten beautiful women were waiting to say 'hello' to the newfound eligible wealthy bachelor,for they had came to London to compete for his heart.
Then,he had wined,dined and danced with all of them and thought of them as all quite lovely.
However,just like the original JOE MILLIONAIRE,there were also some eliminations.
The first would've-been-bride to be eliminated was a bright investment banker named Helena Kane,who John had liked for her terrific sense of humor.
The second was a docter named Jennifer Roake,who John had liked for her most beautiful sapphire eyes.
And the third was a marketing analyst named Courtney LeBlanc,who John had liked for her understanding nature.
Of course,he really didn't want to do it,but the FOX executives h insisted on it.
However,that was before he had laid eyes upon a beautiful CEO named Kelly Dawson and the two had fallen in love quite instantly.
as they had danced together,there was only one thought in their minds between them,*Love is truly in the air.*
But suddenly,the FOX executives had decided that she was way too perkie to be the bride of the new JOE MILLIONAIRE.
And so,John had no choice,but to give poor Kelly the old heave-ho.
But before she had left the mansion,Kelly had looked at John for the last time and allowed a single tear to run down her cheek,for she had left the mansion with a broken heart.
Suddenly,that had became known to John as the very last straw--and he had told the FOX executives that he doesn't wish to be JOE MILLIONAIRE anymore.
But after they had refused,John had decided to just remove himself from the mansion anyway.
Of course,the FOX executives had ordered the front gate security guards to stop John from leaving the grounds.
But instead,John was able to make short work of the guards and walk through the front gate and away from the prison that was JOE MILLIONAIRE.
Meanwhile,inside her hotel room,poor Kelly had looked out of the widow at the moon and asked the man-in-the-moon to give her and John one more chance at true happiness.
Then suddenly,there was a knock at the door.
And when she had opened it,Kelly was surprised to see John standing out in the hall with a bottle of champainge in his hands.
After he had given the champainge to Kelly,he had cleared his throat and said,"Kelly darling,there's something that I need to tell you."
But instead of wanting to hear it,Kelly had wrapped her arms around John and kissed him ever so passionately on the lips.
And then,on December the 25th,John Lexington and Kelly Dawson were married.
They had lived happily ever after for quite some time now.
And also,since Kelly is a CEO of the company now known as Lexington Enterprises,she had made sure that John would not be out of a job ever again.
That's all.