"If you love me," he said.
"Give me your love.
Give me your soul.
Give me your heart.
And when I return,
I'll give you a kiss."
And she gave him all that she could.
He left with her love.
He left with her soul.
He left with her heart.
And left her with the promise of a kiss.

She wrote him each day,
Each word a gift.
She wrote,
"Think of me each day,
As I think of you.
Tell me that you love me,
As I love you."
She wrote,
"I give you my love.
I give you my soul.
I give you my heart."
And she sealed it with a kiss.

For years did she wait,
For word from her love.
But never a letter,
From her lost soul.
Then one day they came,
All the letters of her heart.
Each sealed with a kiss.

Each letter returned,
All were unopened.
Each one looking forlorn.
Like a soul lost at sea.
All except one was signed with her name.
She opened the envelope,
And what should she see?
But the tags of a soldier,
Lost across the sea.

Engraved on the tags was the very name,
That lay etched on her heart.
The letter it said,
"Your love has been killed.
His soul is at peace.
His heart is at rest."
And she kissed the ownerless tags.

Then one day he came,
Returned in a box.
They buried her love,
They buried her soul.
They buried her heart,
And she kissed the cold, hard ground.