The Lovers' Fate

"Edan . . what are you doing?"

"Sir," Edan said bowing, but with his hand still firmly holding Ealasaid's. "I . ." Edan looked around at the crowd forming but then his eyes fell on Ealasaid. Finally, she fully understood his plight and squeezed his hand encouragingly.

Edan smiled at her, truly thankful for her presence. If she hadn't been there he wouldn't have had the courage to say what he said next:

"Sir, I must go against the immediete goals of this clan. Do what you will to me but, spare Ealasaid MacGregor."

"Why? What were you doing just now?"

"I was taking her home. I love her, sir." Ealasaid's head shot up from his bowed position. She stared at Edan, tears of happiness were beginning to prick her eyes.

A murmer swept through the crowd.

"You what?" the Chief asked.

"I-love-her," repeated slowly and louder than before.

"Edan . ." Ealasaid whispered. Edan turned to her and with a loving smile, wrapped his arm around her waist and drew her close.

"Edan, how could you say that? You can't be in love with her, she's a MacGregor our enemy!" Yelled the Chief.

"Then I will have to be an enemy too!" Edan shouted back, his eyes glowing with a determined fire.

The Chief of the Campbell clan stared at the couple for a long moment.

"I guess we can permit an alliance between the two of you, for there was an marriage between a MacGregor and a Campbell before . . .

"As long as you ride away immedietly. The ransom will be called off. You shall no longer be welcomed back into this clan. You will be shunned."

Edan took a deep breath and drew himself up. "If that is the price, so be it."

Edan packed some provisions and Ealasaid and Edan left the Campbell village on foot for he was not permitted to take a clan horse. Edan did not care any longer, though. For he was an orphan and he now had Ealasaid.

When the couple returned to Ealasaid's home. They found her father drunk and weeping in the kitchen. When he saw his child enter the house he shakily got up and hurriedly weaved his way over to her. He took her in his arms and hugged her until she begged for air.

Her father at first frowned upon Edan but soon consented to the upcoming marriage between the two, for Edan proposed on the way back, once he heard about Edan's gentle conduct to Ealasaid and his valiant efforts to help her escape.

Once Ealasaid and Edan got married, Edan instead took on the name of MacGregor, since he was now disowned by his clan. Ealasaid's father happily accepted him in and the place of Edan's father, whom he did not know well, was replaced by his father-in-law.

Edan built a cottage near the house of Ealasaid's father, so they could visit any time they pleased, and the same for her father.

"Are ye happy, my love?" Edan asked his wife as they lay together; his arms around her.

"Very. You?"

"More than I have ever been in my entire life."

"I'm glad."

Edan nipped at Ealasaid's lips. "Tha gaol agam ort." (I love you)

"Tha goal agam ort-fhein." (I love you too)

Then the happy couple fell into a blissful sleep. Their happiness stayed with them throughout the years and even when they got old and gray their love stayed as young and green as if it had just begun.

The End

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