The Nuclear Peace

The once active city,

Was once quite pretty.

It is now a completely utter wasteland,

Totally taken-in by the toxic sand.

Human bones lying in a cloth-held bundle,

Frequently appear amidst the blackened rumble.

This is fully real truth,

Obvious like the many o' skull flung tooth.

The city is no longer on the map.

The world fell victim to an insecurity trap.

The strongest nations' leaders were each a fool.

They each used the nuke' as a vengeance tool.

These buildings no longer serve a purpose,

Each one of them ruined by the nuclear circus.

Blood runs like age-ripened wine from a still,

Coming from the wounds of those the reckless hands did kill.

Most people never knew the moment that was their last,

Only a select few ever knew the reason for the flash.

A shining light,

Became a deadly sight.

There is not a living soul.

Was this the intended goal?

The results of nuclear war,

Caused the human race to exist no more.

Although the life of their last did just cease,

The human race is now at peace.

The world is covered with the radiation's effects so wrong.

Death sings everywhere its un-earthly song.