Smooth white limbs

Pale, angular face

Green-grey eyes, so misted.

They shine and toss

Like the seas of your soul

Seas I'm drowning in.

The sun shines for you

The moon glows for you

Your light out twinkles the stars.

An Otherworlder

Brought to me

By the strands of Fate.

But I can only gaze

Stare through the glass

Tinted glass

And I'm on the wrong side.

I'm drowning in your green-grey seas

As I watch you, on the shore

I blend with the fair waters

You'll never set eyes on me.

Alas, mu love

I live for you

In hopes of entering

Your fair sight

So you might come

And rescue me

From treading water in this sea.

-San Carpenter

(A/N: Um, what do you think? I'm taking suggestions for names, too.)