"A Poem for St. Valentine's Day"

Author: Aftertaste of a Razorblade
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If you want love, then you're outta luck

'Cause all I want is a damn good fuck.

Save me your tears, your little hissy fits,

You shoulda known I'd show up with some half-assed gift.

What were you expecting anyway, in this day and age,

You're nuts, you're loony, you belong in a cage!

So the flowers are wilted, so the chocolate I ate,

You talk too much, you're a lousy date.

So I ran up your phone bill, so dinner didn't get made,

If I don't get you drunk then I'll never get laid!!

There's no sympathy for morons; Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned-

So I suppose if you killed me, I'd never be mourned.

You got out the shotgun, you got out the knife,

If I was smarter, I would've run for my life.

But ya know, I'm really glad ya changed your mind,

Decided to kill me some other time.

Instead, you said you were withholding sex,

Right before you fucked my ex.

But it's okay, I'm not all that bitter-

I did one better, I fucked your sister.