Angel of death

A sublime thing of light


Through mere mortal words.

Humans gaze,

Faces upturned

Towards the unattainable beauty

Desiring the untouchable.

They dare not lift their eyes

Lest it flee, like a dove

To disappear from their view


Crawling, struggling

Through to the light

Not daring to consider

The result

But what does lay

Beyond the Angel

Beyond that fair curtain

Of light?

Those who dare to glimpse

Past the golden shield

See and everlasting

Stretch of darkness, uncompared.

And so, I watch

The masses, mobile,

Creeping, groveling,

Towards the Angel.

I look still

For something new

No Angel

But a Muse

Inspiration, joy

Glory in existence

A celebration of Art

And Variety.

So while they bow

To the ethereal Angel of Light and Death

I prefer to dance with you

In the Dark and Life.