I guess I'll start off by answering all of your questions. I'll start with the least asked and work my way to the most frequently asked.

Sanura killed Pharaoh Akiiki?

Yes, after she ran off, leaving Haqikah bleeding in the desert, she went into the valley where she found the Pharaoh and fatally wounded him.

Earlier you said you would be addressing how Akila had died in the last chapter, but I never saw anything.

That's because I forgot to write it in, when I go through again I will add it in. But, for those of you who won't be reading the revision, I'll tell you now. Akila was slowly being poisoned (like Neema), that's all I want to say on the subject.

Where was Sanura from?

This is still plighting you? Well… I'll let you make up a place, because I'm too lazy to think right now.

Ancient Egypt didn't have slaves.

This isn't a question, but it was a statement brought up by a reviewer a couple of chapters back. And I would firstly like to say there are. If you want quotes from the "book of the dead" or even the bible (as much as I cringe at that idea), then go ahead and ask. They were first aware that the Egyptian people had slaves under Chnemhotep's rule, they were not of the Egyptian race, or they were Egyptians who had become so poor that they sold themselves to slavery. Who do you think made those pyramids? I'm really curious to find out why you are under the impression that Egypt didn't have slaves. There are always the prisoners of war, which would be common during the time period my story took place (the 18th dynasty), where war was becoming common. This leads into my next question.

When did your story take place?

Like earlier stated, during the 18th dynasty. It would later be classified to be the first dynasty in the new empire, which also leads to my next question.

So… Ahsome is a real name of a Pharaoh?

Yes, and in actuality, my story is VERY loosely based of him. I just took his story and gave it my own touch. The 'Ahsome family was the royal family under the 18th dynasty, and they were said to be GREAT rulers, they went to war often with different African tribes, and even pushed their way into Asia Minor. Later, you see that the Pharaoh marries his Sister (who, for some reason, didn't appeared in 'Ahsome's history until later, wink wink) Under his rule, Egypt saw their greatest prosperity in their whole history, and when 'Ahsome ran out the Hyksos (who had lay claim to parts of Egypt) it brought great celebration to the people of Egypt.  His grandson Thothmes (who you HAVE probably heard of) continued his forefather's work in securing the most southern part of Egypt (known to them as the top of Upper Egypt). He even civilized a whole city. He built a base and helped conquer more than his fair share of Egypt.     That's 'Ahsome's family history… in a nut shell… a very big nutshell. Basically, because of 'Ahsome, the people were led into the NEW EMPIRE, the start of a completely different chapter in Egyptian history.

Where is this story going? What's going to happen to it?

Over the past year my writing style has changed a lot, I mean, seriously, a lot, and there are a lot of holes in this story that still want to make me cry, and the historical accuracy is embarrassing. So I was given two choices 1) to delete it completely from my computer and never speak of it again or 2) spend the rest of time in America rewriting it to the max. I chose number 2. By doing this though, it is making my story longer, more detailed, and, what I considered VERY rushed scenes, slower. I've just finished rewriting the first chapter with these corrections, it's looking good, better, much better. I'll revise it a bit and then post it over the current first chapter so you can take a gander. There are still my trademark grammar errors (I'm really bad with grammar) and such, but now they are all spiced up with something or the other so you can forget about them. Now, after I finish I do intend on writing some editing/publishing companies. I'll send them some copies and see what they can do. I hope to have all of this completed by March and a publisher lined up before I graduate next year (2005). Wish me luck. I'll inform you when I do find a publisher.

What was in the wedding present that Bomani's friends gave to him and Haqikah. They blushed and never said what it was.

Egyptian bondage. Ha! Take some wild guesses, you're probably right.

Finally, who was the vizier that tried to kill Haqikah?

Vizier Bankole.

Well, it's been great getting to know you all, and I think I'm finally done. Time to start rewriting and moving on to bigger, better projects. I hope you will continue to read my stories and tell people about Immortality, even though it's finished, reviews and emails are still a blessing to me. Thank you once more.