i'm a member of the new generation
we're abusive groups fueled with hatred
we're being raised stoned in your basements
panty hose over our faces
we're holding up your favorite gas stations
we're out defacing your whole congregation
painting atheist statements over the name of your church
frost bitten all year from my very first winter
lost feeling in my fingers since mid november
i'm a rejected member of the family
mcdick's refused to panel me
i can't handle being broke, sober,
a loner ex stoner with a 3 inch boner.
i've had it with this shit
i'm fucking pissed, but that's not where it ends
now i know there's a shit load of kids that relate
we're making it every day just sharing out hate
we're marching at pace against the human race
turning my rage into destructive displays
inciting 2 man riots against window panes
laying waste to walls of glass,
making a name more famous than mikey jack
walk in to champs and raid the nike rack
baseball caps, tuques shoes and hats,
beats keeping used crap from rich kids scared of bats
but who gets the last laugh
i got caught by some butt-fucking rent a cop
who got off on frisking me from my new hat to my socks