there's two types of pain
the pain when you break your leg,
when your knee pops out and dislocates
when you sprain your ankle
hopping rooftops and fall off at an angle,
when you're playing on moving trains
and you slip and strain to stay off the rail
when you're beaten down, surrounded
by a group of your classmates
then there's emotional
with jokes of being ass raped,
poked fun of and last picked in gym
when you're knocked down, spit and shit on
and your friends do nothing but sit and watch
when you come home but then
spend your time playing pretend
making your mom think you're the son
she wanted to raise
when deep down, you wanna say
that you've been lying for more than days
emotional pain is not being able to change
anything that's taking you down
when you can't help but frown
cause there's so much around you can't help
this pain is the beign of my existence
a physical sickness can be dealt with
why does thinking hurt so much
i'm a victim of my own mental image
the things you can't forget that keep you up in the night
the feelings you get when you feel nothing but fright
when you're alone and you don't feel at home
and you know people don't want you around
how can this be helped,
emotional pain seems just won't go away