A Future Lost

"When I was little,

I used to collect bottles for my mother.

She'd have us wash them and rinse them out.

She'd sell them, and we would not see a nickel.

We were never allowed to go the fair.

We did not have enough money.

But we'd get up early the next morning,

And search the fair grounds for money.

I was sent away to work.

I had no clothes; but there was a gray sweater I loved.

My mother took it away from me.

One of the younger ones could use this.

She was getting rid of a daughter,

Didn't I at least deserve the gray sweater?

The lady looked at me, she was nice.

What kind of mother would send you out this way?

You can't even work in this.

She bought me my first blue jeans."

"Once; Barb went on and on about a kid who had no clothes.

His family was poor;

His mother gambled away all their money.

Mom asked her to invite him over.

She had went uptown and bought him all new clothes."

"I don't know what happened,

Why she wants Grandpa to collect on his bills.

Why she doesn't care they are his friends.

Why she doesn't care that they have problems.

I think, maybe, she's tired"

"In a lot of ways."

Who's worth helping, at the end of your days?